iCarly fans "heartbroken" after reboot is cancelled on tragic cliffhanger

5 October 2023, 16:31

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Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

Who is Carly's mom in iCarly? iCarly season 3 ends with Carly's mother making an off-screen appearance.

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iCarly fans have been left "heartbroken" after finding out that the reboot has been cancelled with an unresolved cliffhanger.

Yesterday (Oct 4), iCarly star Laci Mosley revealed that the reboot had been cancelled after three seasons. Taking to Twitter, Laci said she was "heartbroken". When a fan asked her if she was joking, Laci wrote: "Not a joke. The best people I’ve ever worked with in the business. Thank you for tuning in to the reboot. Everyone put their deeply kind talented souls into this."

A spokesperson later told The Hollywood Reporter that it was true. They said: "The series had a great three-season run and delivered on what fans really wanted to see with Carly and Freddie finally getting together. We want to thank the entire cast, the writers, directors and producers along with the whole crew for their dedication, creativity and talent."

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While iCarly season 3 did end with Carly and Freddie as a couple, there was also a cliffhanger that remains unanswered.

Who is Carly's mom in iCarly?

iCarly fans "heartbroken" after reboot is cancelled on tragic cliffhanger
iCarly fans "heartbroken" after reboot is cancelled on tragic cliffhanger. Picture: Paramount+

At the end of season 3, Freddie's mother Marissa gets married to Lewbert. Ahead of the wedding, Freddie worries that Carly wants him to propose to her. Meanwhile, Carly confesses to Spencer that she has always been scared of marriage because their mother abandoned them as kids. Carly later opens up to Freddie and reveals that she wants to marry him one day.

Fast forward to Marissa and Lewbert's wedding and the couple decide to elope to Las Vegas last minute. With a ceremony all set up and all of their closest friends there, Carly and Freddie begin to contemplate getting married in their place. Their decision is never revealed though. Carly's mother arrives off screen and the episode ends with Carly saying "Mom?".

Naturally, fans are outraged that we'll never have an answer to who Carly's mother is and why she abandoned Carly and Spencer when they were so young. We also never find out if Carly and Freddie do get married.

Reacting to the cancellation, one person tweeted: "I've been a fan since the OG, the show grew up along with me.. I am utterly HEARTBROKEN! This can't be the end, being left on a cliffhanger after all these years?"

Another fan wrote: "They'll do anything to prevent us from finding out who Carly's mum is."

Fans have since got the hashtag #SAVEICARLY trending on Twitter. Here's hoping that Paramount will listen to fans.

What do you think? Are you angry about the cancellation?

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