WATCH: Shawn Mendes Reveals He Connects With Fans Best When Being 'Vulnerable & Raw' In Calvin Klein Advert

14 May 2019, 10:45

Shawn Mendes gets candid about being vulnerable with his fans
Shawn Mendes gets candid about being vulnerable with his fans. Picture: YouTube/ Calvin Klein

Shawn Mendes has opened up about the need to be honest and open to build a deeper connection with his fans in the latest interview with Calvin Klein.

Calvin Klein have gone behind the scenes at Shawn Mendes's latest underwear campaign and spoken to the 'If I Can't Have You' singer about what 'truth' means to him and his answers prove once again what an amazing guy he is and how much he loves his fans.

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The 20-year-old revealed that truth to him is: "A 24/7 daily thing that's always changing... I can't say truth is... being real inside of music, truth is telling the truth when you're asked a question in an interview, truth is literally the way you look at someone when you say hello."

"Whether they even really want to or not feeling compelled to do something that is real and raw and is truth and is open your heart, the human inside of us is begging for this rawness, and that is exciting and I'm actually finding that this is the most beautiful thing and I feel like the luckiest person in the world that I get to do what I do for a living."

The 'Stitches' singer also admits that the more honest and raw he is with is fans, the better connection he builds with them.

He said: "The more truthful and more raw I am, the more I'm connecting...every time I put up a wall and I'm scared of what people say, the connection gets blocked."

"Every time I put it down, there's this fan and person connection that happens and it's really amazing."

"I've kind of experimented with pushing myself to the boundaries of how truthful can I get, how raw and how real can the music get. How much can i affect someone, I'll send something to my sister or my mom and they'd text me back like 'I'm in tears.'"

This is the second burst of Shawn's Calvin Klein campaign where he stars alongside other huge names including Billie Eilish, ASAP Rocky, Indya Moore, Bella Hadid, Chika, Noah Centineo, Troye Sivan, Kendall Jenner, Kevin Abstract and Hongsick.

Although we don't know the exact figure of how much the 'In My Blood' singer has received for landing the enormous modelling gig, but in the past, stars have been paid up to $1.2 million (£900k).

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