Adele’s Rise To Fame: A Look Through The Star’s Career & How She Became Famous

6 May 2020, 13:48

Adele is expected to drop her new album in September 2020
Adele is expected to drop her new album in September 2020. Picture: Getty/Instagram

Adele has had an extremely successful career since she sprung on the scene in 2008.

Adele has had one of the most iconic careers of our time with some seriously successful hits like ‘Hello’, ‘Someone Like You’ and James Bond's 'Skyfall' soundtrack.

The 32-year-old North London singer, who recently stunned fans with her unrecognisable Instagram picture, is going from strength to strength in her career, since dropping her debut album '19’ in 2008.

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But just how did Adele, who is in the middle of a divorce settlement, become so successful? Let’s take a look.

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Adele looked incredible as she celebrated her 32nd birthday
Adele looked incredible as she celebrated her 32nd birthday. Picture: Instagram

How did Adele get famous?

The singer, who spent New Years Eve with her good friends Harry Styles and James Corden in the Caribbean, first showed off her talents when attending the BRIT School for performing arts at the age of 14 -where stars like former X Factor winner Leona Lewis and Amy Winehouse attended.

She graduated from the BRIT School in 2006 and went on to release ’19’ two years later, which showcased her first song ‘Hometown Glory’ which she penned when she was only 16 years old!

Her second album '21’, which dropped in 2011, was hugely successful and even won her numerous awards in 2012. 

She won six Grammy Awards including ‘Album of the Year’, two BRITs including British Album of the Year and three American Music Awards including Favourite Pop/Rock Album.

2012 was a huge year for the star since it was the year she co-wrote and recorded ‘Skyfall’ for the James Bond film franchise, which also went on to win numerous awards.

Adele has 15 Grammy Awards
Adele has 15 Grammy Awards. Picture: PA
Adele has three studio albums
Adele has three studio albums. Picture: Getty

In 2015, she dropped her third album '25’ featuring her hit heartbreak song ‘Hello’, which became the fastest video to reach one billion views on YouTube and it only took 88 days - truly iconic!

In February 2020, Adele had fans sent into a frenzy after announcing to guests at a wedding to ‘expect my album in September’.

A bunch of clues fuelled the rumours that we could be expecting her record sooner than expected as her makeup artist teased she had some ‘exciting news’ coming.

However, due to the current coronavirus pandemic, we are unsure if her album has been delayed since numerous creative projects have been put on hold.

We have our fingers crossed for Adele to save some of the hope we have left for 2020 because we cannot wait much longer to hear some new material from the legend!

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