Love Island's Jack Fowler Was Left In Hospital After Date-Gone-Wrong

19 October 2018, 16:29 | Updated: 22 October 2018, 15:59

Love Island star Jack Fowler revealed he was left in hospital after suffering an anaphylactic shock whilst on a date.

Jack Fowler became an instant fan-favourite on Love Island 2018 but he's surprised his followers on Instagram after sharing apicture of himself in A&E after being taken to hospital after suffering an anaphylactic shock during a date.

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The Love Island star revealed the date took place before he'd appeared in the villa and was sharing the post in order to raise awareness of people who have an aergy to nuts, which can cause an anaphylactic shock.

Love Island star Jack Fowler was taken to A&E after suffering ananaphylactic shock
Love Island star Jack Fowler was taken to A&E after suffering ananaphylactic shock. Picture: Instagram

Writing on Instagram about his experience, Jack explained, 'So this is something that I want to share with you guys. It’s something that we can all sharpen up on. I’ve been admitted to RESUS three times as a result of an anaphylactic shock to nuts.'

He added, 'My circumstances are extreme as I have twice relapsed whilst in the ambulance. This then lead me to be given a secondary eppipen injection, which then put me into shock. I want to continue to raise awareness about food allergies & intolerance’s they are no joke and should be taken seriously.'

Revealing he wasn't as confiednt enough to speak out about his allergy, Jack wrote, 'As a kid I often felt awkward when questioning the waiter about food ingredients as I didn’t want to be an inconvenience. But it’s something that I HAVE to do..'

Finding humour in the whole situation and ending his message on a lighter note, Jack claimed, 'On a more humerus side, this was actually how a date ended (previous to love island) and to be honest, I’ve still had worse dates [sic]'.

Jack's followers heaped praise on the Love Island star for raising awareness on the subject and the comments were full of people praising his mesage.

One follower even wrote, 'Thank you for raising awareness on such an important subject, my little boy was just 6 months old when he had his first anaphylactic reaction to wheat I have never witnessed anything so scary he’s since us two more to eggs and nuts, he’s only 3 eating out and going to play areas can be a nightmare but I never stop him doing anything. Things are improving and if the message gets out there and awareness is raised it can only get better'.

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