Ex-Love Islanders Michael Griffiths, Ellie Brown & Georgia Harrison Claim The Winter Series Is 'Overkill'

22 January 2020, 16:55 | Updated: 22 January 2020, 17:01

Ex-Love Island stars Michael Griffiths, Ellie Brown and Georgia Harrison have explained why they think the winter series of the show is 'less popular' than previous years.

Three former Love Islanders have spoken about the winter series of the show, saying it 'isn't quite there yet' and suggesting it should have taken on a snow and ski theme to differentiate it from the popular summer series.

Michael Griffiths, Ellie Brown and Georgia Harrison, who are all starring on MTV's first ever celebrity series of Ex On The Beach, sat down for a chat with us and wasted no time spilling the tea what they make of ITV2 show's new format.

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Love Islands spill their true thoughts about the first ever winter series
Love Islands spill their true thoughts about the first ever winter series. Picture: Capital FM

Ellie, 21, confessed: "I just haven't really been invested this year" and her fellow reality stars agreed.

Michael said: "Even now, I feel like I'm waiting on the drama so nothing's really drawing me at the minute... that pretty much explains why I fell asleep during last night's episode."

"Michael argued: "Nobody wants to see people having fun in the sun while it's winter over here."

They continued: "A lot of people are saying they're not as invested in it... something needs to draw you in, and it's not quite there yet."

Georgia Harrison, who starred on the 2017 series, admitted even she loves the show, but called it "overkill."

The stars also chatted about the possibility the show could have been 'ski' themed, but quickly realised they couldn't have islanders bombing it down a slope!

The islanders were all on the ITV2 show at different points but have grown closer whilst filming the MTV show, with Ellie forced to deny a relationship with Michael after he posted a cryptic photo of them to Instagram and told a tabloid he was 'head over heels' for his new girlfriend.

Ellie said on her Instagram story: "I want to clear up that I do not have a boyfriend. I did not find the one, and that picture is from five months ago - we all have pictures together."

So, what do you reckon about the islanders' stance on the winter series, are you loving the winter dose of sun, or should it stay as once a year?!

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