Caroline Flack Quashes Francesca Allen ‘Snub’ After Appearance On Love Island: Aftersun

22 July 2019, 14:54 | Updated: 22 July 2019, 15:02

Caroline Flack has quashed reports she 'snubbed' Francesca Allen
Caroline Flack has quashed reports she 'snubbed' Francesca Allen. Picture: ITV2

Caroline Flack has spoken out after viewers thought she “snubbed” Love Island’s Francesca Allen.

Love Island presenter Caroline Flack faced reports she “snubbed” Francesca Allen on Sunday’s Aftersun, after she walked over to another sofa on the set following her interview with the dumped islander.

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Francesca appeared to stand up to say thank you or goodbye to the show’s host, but Caroline quickly strolled over to the other side of the stage to continue the show.

The ITV2 presenter faced reports on Monday morning, she’d ignored Francesca on purpose following claims the Essex babe made a jibe at her at a festival years ago.

Caroline Flack quashed reports she ignored Francesca Allen's hug
Caroline Flack quashed reports she ignored Francesca Allen's hug. Picture: Caroline Flack/Twitter

But Caroline has quickly quashed the backlash, making the rare move to speak publicly on Twitter to prove she had nothing but kindness for Francesca.

She said to her 1.91 million followers: “As you know ... I hate commenting on stuff... I didn’t snub Francesca .. infact quite the opposite .. made her feel very welcome as soon as she got to the studio.

“I don’t hold grudges.. and the wellbeing of our islanders is important to me. Thought she was a great islander,” Caroline added alongside two heart emojis.

Caroline’s statement comes following reports Francesca called the 39 year old a “dirty p***o” some years ago when she was dating Harry Styles.

Aftersun viewers thought Caroline had swerved Francesca’s hug as a result of Francesca’s reported comment.

Viewers were quick to respond to the TV star’s tweet, with one person writing: “Caroline Flack had a lot on her plate, for a start, she had to deal with Anton’s mum.”

Anton Danyluk’s mum was in the audience of Aftersun on Sunday, making hilarious comments about her son and shouting out to the guests on the show.

Many fans also rushed to assure Caroline they watched the entire show and didn’t notice anything that looked like a “snub”.

Sunday’s Aftersun was as dramatic without the Caroline/Francesca saga however, as Michael Griffiths was reunited with former flame Joanna Chimonides.

Asked what changed once Joanna left the villa, Michael said: “You can have feelings for more than one person at the same time.”

However, when Caroline quizzed him on what he’d like to happen now Michael said: “I want to speak to Joanna to be honest.

The whole thing has been on my mind the whole time.” Joanna appeared to be defending her former partner though, saying: “When you’re in the villa you get confused, you’re in your own little bubble and when you come away from it you think, ‘have things changed?’”

He also stuck by his decision to remain in the villa after Joanna was dumped, saying: “I’ve always said I’ve never quit anything in my life and I wasn’t about to start then.”

Meanwhile, Amber is now happily coupled up with Greg O’Shea after wowing her with his gentleman ways when he took her on a first date.

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