The Black Dog Pub In Vauxhall Checking CCTV For Answers To Taylor Swift's Song

22 April 2024, 15:18 | Updated: 22 April 2024, 15:24

The staff at The Black Dog are looking at their archived CCTV
The staff at The Black Dog are looking at their archived CCTV. Picture: Getty

By Abbie Reynolds

The Black Dog pub in Vauxhall has gained notoriety since Taylor Swift released 'The Tortured Poets Department: The Anthology' so they're checking their CCTV archives to give Swifties the answer to the all important question.

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Taylor Swift said it herself, she can make the 'whole place shimmer' and that's exactly what she's done for the Vauxhall based London pub 'The Black Dog'.

Before the song was released on Taylor's shock double album drop it was anticipated to be a heavy song with references to depression. But 'The Tortured Poets Department: The Anthology' track is actually about a bar one of her ex-boyfriends visited.

And now everyone wants to know: Who is 'The Black Dog' about?

There's a lot of discourse between Taylor's fans about whether the song was penned about Matty Healy or Joe Alwyn who have both dated Taylor and are both based in London.

Since the album's release (April 19th) it's been reported that hundreds of Swifties have flocked to the pub to discover the bar that inspired Taylor's lyrics.

The Black Dog's staff are fully embracing the TTPD lore as they have new Taylor-centric offers on and they are even going that step further to find out exactly who Taylor wrote the song about.

The Black Dog Public House in Vauxhall
The Black Dog Public House in Vauxhall. Picture: Alamy

On their Instagram reels and TikTok The Black Dog shared a video that said: "POV You work at The Black Dog (yes the actual pub Taylor name-dropped) and are trying desperately to figure out if it was Matty or Joe."

In the first verse, the lyrics of the song read: I'm someone who, until recent events / You shared your secrets with / And Your location / You forgot to turn you location off / And so I watch as you walk / Into some bar called The Black Dog

Fans hopped straight to the comments to give their take, one said: "Yall it's not even a's Matty. The starting line?! Helloooo"

Others pointed to references about smoking meaning it had to be about The 1975 lead but others weighed in saying Joe "was known for collecting British lighters".

Most fans have settled at the idea that the song is about more than one ex, which seems likely.

One commenter said they are waiting for the algorithm to bring them back when they crack the case, and The Black Dog replied "I'll tag you bestie" - so it seems we will be getting an answer to all the all important question.

While The Black Dog staff rake through their archives to see which British man happened to visit their pub they have put on special deals to keep the Swifties at bay.

"CALLING ALL SWIFTIES," they said: "The Black Dog love your energy! We are now running a deal for anyone who comes in and quotes a lyric from Taylor’s song

"The first 100 people through the door get a free 'Swift Half' of Black Dog lager and after that, it’s free with any purchase of food for a week

"See you there, make sure to turn your location off."

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