Every Celebrity Taylor Swift Name Drops On The Tortured Poets Department

19 April 2024, 13:48 | Updated: 24 April 2024, 12:00

Here are the celebrity name drops on Taylor Swift's 'TTPD'
Here are the celebrity name drops on Taylor Swift's 'TTPD'. Picture: Getty

By Abbie Reynolds

From Kim Kardashian to Charlie Puth, here's every celebrity Taylor Swift name-checks on her album 'The Tortured Poets Department'.

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Taylor Swift has done it again, she's broken the internet with the release of 'Tortured Poets Department' and its double release with 'The Anthology' album.

The new albums - yes, plural - are all anyone can talk about and no wonder with all the links leading to her ex boyfriends like Joe Alwyn and Matty Healy.

Tay's exes don't get mentioned by name, but do you know who does? A fair few celebs. Most of them are positive mentions but Taylor's also not afraid to throw a lil bit of shade...

Here are all the celebrity name drops in the 'So Long, London' singer's albums.

Taylor's The Tortured Poets Department is full of references to celebs
Taylor's The Tortured Poets Department is full of references to celebs. Picture: Getty

1. Kim Kardashian

On 'The Anthology' edition of 'The Tortured Poets Department' Taylor has a song titled 'thanK you aIMee' with the letters K, I and M capitalised, clearly spelling out 'Kim'.

While in the song she refers to an 'Aimee' causing her 'searing pain', it's pretty clear that its a reference to her feud with Kim Kardashian after Kanye's 'I made that b**ch famous' lyric.

The lyric 'stomped across my grave' sounds like a nod to how Taylor felt her "career was taken away" by the 2016 incident with Kim and Kanye. At the time a mural was even painted in Melbourne saying, 'In loving memory of Taylor Swift 1989-2016'.

Taylor and Kim had a positive relationship before what happened in 2016
Taylor and Kim had a positive relationship before what happened in 2016. Picture: Getty

2. Charlie Puth

This was one we weren't expecting, but we welcome it whole-heartedly. On Taylor's title track she sings 'You smoked then ate seven bars of chocolate / We declared Charlie Puth should be a bigger artist'.

Charlie has been a loud and proud fan of Taylor for years, often covering her songs at his shows. Little is known about whether Taylor and Charlie have an active friendship but when Tay joined TikTok he welcomed her and the 'TTPD' singer commented back: "I've lurked your account for ages! Thanks for the welcome, piano prince."

Many people don't realise that the 'One Call Away' singer song-writes separate to his own career, with writing credits on songs by artists like Little Mix, Elton John, Justin Bieber and many, many more.

He's also majorly musically talented, which he shows on his TikTok where every video has multiple millions of views. One fan took to X to say: "If anything comes from TTPD, I hope it's a Charlie Puth resurgence."

Swifties weren't expecting a Charlie Puth name-check on The Tortured Poets Department
Swifties weren't expecting a Charlie Puth name-check on The Tortured Poets Department. Picture: Getty

3. Stevie Nicks

Of course the album booklet includes a poem written by Stevie Nicks but she is also name-checked on the 'TTPD' closing track 'Clara Bow' .

Taylor sings: "You look like Stevie Nicks in ‘75, the hair and lips / Crowd goes wild at her fingertips, half moonshine, a full eclipse."

Fans were ecstatic when they predicted the former Fleetwood Mac bandmate's involvement in 'The Tortured Poets Department', which was a theory sprung to life by the Spotify pop-up that included Stevie's world-famous tambourine.

Stevie Nicks joined Fleetwood Mac in 1975
Stevie Nicks joined Fleetwood Mac in 1975. Picture: Getty

4. Dylan Thomas and Patti Smith

Of course Taylor had to get in the mentions of some iconic poets in an album dedicated to poetry. In her title song she sings: "I laughed in your face and said, "You're not Dylan Thomas. I'm not Patti Smith. This ain't the Chelsea Hotel. We're modern idiots."

Dylan was a welsh poet known for iconic poems like 'Do not go gentle into that good night' and 'Under Milk Wood'. Patti is a US rock singer, songwriter, musician and poet who still works to this day. She is best known for her debut album 'Horses' and the poem 'The Coral Sea'.

The Chelsea Hotel that Taylor references is a 12-story New York hotel built in the 19th century which is known to have housed writers, painters, authors and other fashionable socialites, including Dylan and Patti - to this day it calls itself 'best hotel in New York'.

Patti Smith performing in March 2024
Patti Smith performing in March 2024. Picture: Getty

5. Clara Bow

Taylor has an entire song honouring the late troubled socialite Clara Bow which begins with the lyrics: "You look like Clara Bow / In this light, remarkable / All your life, did you know / You'd be picked like a rose?"

6. Taylor Swift

Taylor shocked fans with what we are sure is the first time she has mentioned her own name in a song.

'Clara Bow' - the closing track of The Tortured Poets Department' - ends with the lyrics: "You look like Taylor Swift / In this light, we're loving it / You've got edge, she never did / The future's bright, dazzling."

'You look like Taylor Swift in this light' has the Swifties going wild.

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