Taylor Swift Halloween: From Costumes, To Pumpkins And Decorations

31 October 2023, 12:04 | Updated: 31 October 2023, 14:29

How Taylor Swift has owned halloween
How Taylor Swift has owned halloween. Picture: Getty

By Fong Chau

Halloween and Taylor Swift make for the perfect combination this spooky season as she has become inspiration for not only costumes but decorations and even costumes!

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This year Taylor Swift has released an album, been the star of the highest grossing tour of all time (and broke ticket websites in the process), released a concert film, set the internet into a frenzy with her new relationship with Travis Kelce, and there’s still two months of the year left.

And as we approach Halloween, Taylor is still very much on everyone's minds as she owns spooky season thanks to the inspiration she's given her fans - from decorations to costumes ideas. And given how much she likes autumn, it seems only fitting.

Here’s how Taylor has become the ultimate halloween inspiration this year.

Meet the Taylor Swift pumpkin

Fresh off the back of becoming a billionaire, Taylor has now been immortalised in giant pumpkin form by a lady called Jeanette Paras, who has spent 35 years turning pumpkins into celebrities for halloween to display at her home in Ohio. And this year, it was Taylor’s turn.

Jeanette went viral with her creation which was made from a 399 lb pumpkin that took 10 hours to paint. The pumpkin even had its own pair of earring and 10 wigs were used to mimic Taylor’s blonde hair on the cover of ‘1989 (Taylor’s Version)’.

Jeanette has been decorating pumpkins and turning them into celebrities for 35 years. Past creations include Miley Cyrus, Yoda and Barack Obama, but it’s Taylor that has had the honour. She told reporters at Yahoo News why she chose Tay this year: “"It's whoever is basically the hot topic of conversation in the media and pop culture. It depends on the relevance and timing of who is really getting a lot of attention in the media. Is there anybody bigger or hotter than Taylor Swift? She's just awesome."

We couldn’t agree more.

Taylor Swift halloween decorations

Jeanette isn’t the only person paying homage to Taylor this year. A quick scroll on TIkTok and you’ll see a number of Taylor inspired decorations featuring things like Taylor skeletons and tombstones. There have even been some Travis Kelce-inspired ornaments in the mix too.

An easy Taylor Swift costume idea inspired by the '22' video
An easy Taylor Swift costume idea inspired by the '22' video. Picture: Getty

Taylor Swift costume ideas

If you’re looking to inject some Taylor spirit into your halloween this year then you’ve come to the right place.

In many ways, Taylor is the ideal person to dress up as for halloween. The Eras Tour has reminded us all of how many iconic looks she has and there’s one for every effort level too. Got a last-minute invite and need an outfit, just throw on a pair of black shorts, grab an oversized white t-shirt and stencil on your favourite Taylor Swift lyric and you have a very respectable costume from the ‘22’ video.

If you want to go all out then find yourself a ballgown and you could recreate the look from ’Love Story’ or more looks from her ‘Fearless’ era.

Want something a bit darker for halloween? Reputation era Taylor is calling your name. Vampy makeup and snakes (ornaments, prints, jewellery) will make you instantly recognisable.

Whatever you do - don’t forget the signature red lip!

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