Taylor Swift Sings 'Exile' During Surprise Appearance At Bon Iver's London Show

27 October 2022, 12:29

Taylor Swift stepped out during Bon Iver's concert
Taylor Swift stepped out during Bon Iver's concert. Picture: Getty/Alamy

By Savannah Roberts

Taylor Swift and Bon Iver sang 'exile' for the very first time during a mid-concert surprise at London's Wembley Stadium and everyone's freaking out!

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It really is the month of Taylor Swift!

Fans got the shock of a lifetime when none other than the woman of the moment, Miss Swift, took a moment out of her busy 'Midnights' schedule and stepped out during Bon Iver's London show!

Taylor and Bon Iver gifted us all with a spontaneous performance of 'exile' at Wembley Stadium on Wednesday, the surprise was made all the more special as it was the first-ever live rendition of the duo's 'Folklore' track! Taylor is making history left, right and centre this October.

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The pop icon, the band's frontman Justin Vernon and The National's Aaron Dessner, all of which had a hand in writing and producing both of Taylor's 2020 projects, 'Folklore', 'Evermore', and The Lond Pond Studio Sessions.

After the surprise, the internet was flooded with clips from the London concert – and the energy is palpable!

Vernon invited the audience in applauding his friend once they finished their stunning duet, he said: "The most talented person in the world, Taylor Swift.

Forever a humble queen, the 32-year-old songstress quipped back: "The most talented person in the world, Justin Vernon."

"Also the most talented person in the world, Aaron Dessner," she continued, giving another one of her frequent collaborators their moment in the limelight.

Taylor has taken to the stage once again
Taylor has taken to the stage once again. Picture: Getty
Taylor, Bon Iver and Aaron Dessner gave us a live performance of 'exile'
Taylor, Bon Iver and Aaron Dessner gave us a live performance of 'exile'. Picture: Getty

Dessner joined forces with Taylor once more on the first bonus track of 'Midnights (3am Edition)', culminating in the beautiful 'The Great War'.

In clips from the much-talked-about concert, the 'Skinny Love' singer can be heard making a joke about how sharing the stage with the pop royalty would be hard to follow.

The iconic mid-show surprise comes just three months after Taylor made another bombshell appearance with Haim at London's O2 Arena.

The Haim sisters are not only best friends with the singer-songwriter but they also featured on another 'Evermore' track, 'No Body, No Crime – the Swift multiverse just never stops growing!

What with the growing excitement surrounding Taylor's hinted-at but yet not announced tour, fans can't get enough of seeing the musician return to the stage more frequently.

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