Inside Sabrina Carpenter's 25th Birthday Party Thrown By Barry Keoghan

13 May 2024, 12:08 | Updated: 13 May 2024, 15:56

Actor Barry Keoghan threw a party for his girlfriend Sabrina Carpenter
Actor Barry Keoghan threw a party for his girlfriend Sabrina Carpenter. Picture: Getty/Instagram

By Abbie Reynolds

Barry Keoghan threw the cutest surprise party for Sabrina Carpenter's 25th birthday - from the Leonardo DiCaprio cake & espresso martinis to guests like Ice Spice, here are all the details.

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On Saturday, May 11th, the talented Polly Pocket pop princess Sabrina Carpenter celebrated her 25th birthday!

The confirmed Summertime baller started the day sharing snaps of her 'Espresso' themed birthday cake and ended the day surrounded by friends, like rapper Ice Spice, at a party thrown for her by her boyfriend Barry Keoghan, 31.

The white frosted cake included icing that read 'Is 25 that sweet? I guess so!', a nod to her single 'Espresso' which has been dominating the charts for weeks.

But Barry one upped the lyrical cake by getting Sabrina a hilarious cake with a Leonardo DiCaprio meme on it. The meme was a picture of the Titanic actor with text saying: "Nooo don't turn 25 your so sexy aha [sic]" - a reference to his string of younger girlfriends.

Between clips obtained by TMZ and what Sabrina and her friends posted we've been treated to an inside look at the glitzy birthday bash. Here are all the details you may have missed.

Sabrina Carpenter celebrated her birthday in Brooklyn
Sabrina Carpenter celebrated her birthday in Brooklyn. Picture: Instagram @sabrinacarpenter

According to a People source, Sabrina's boyfriend Barry thew her a surprise party at DUMBO House in Brooklyn with about 100 friends. The space was decorated with blue, yellow and white balloons which matched Sabrina's stunning yellow mini dress.

The party, attend by the likes of 'Munch' rapper Ice Spice and Sabrina's nearest and dearests, offered an array of food options, and a custom drink menu - which of course included espresso martinis!

Barry managed to pull of the party as a complete surprise for the 'Nonsense' singer as in a video shared by TMZ you can hear Sabrina say, "I just walked in so confused" as she entered the venue.

Ina video shared to Ice Spice's IG story, Sabrina blew out the candles on her Leonardo DiCaprio cake. After blowing out her candles Barry leant in and they shared a romantic kiss.

Then came the Saltburn reference.

Sabrina Carpenter shared some BTS moments from her party
Sabrina Carpenter shared some behind-the-scenes moments from her party. Picture: Instagram @sabrinacarpenter

Sabrina shared a snap of a karaoke screen running the lyrics to Mario's 2004 R&B hit 'Let Me Love You' with songs like 'Mr. Brightside' queued up for the next party goer set to take the mic.

However, 'Rent' by the Pet Shop Boys was nowhere insight, which is what Barry's character Oliver sang during the karaoke scene of Saltburn.

Naturally, all eyes were on Sabrina and her stunning outfit. On her Instagram post many where comparing her to Andie from How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days who wears a very similar yellow gown that is floor length.

She completed the look with a dazzling diamond necklace, matching rings and adorable yellow heels with bows on the back.

Ice Spice was at Sabrina Carpenter's 25th birthday party
Ice Spice was at Sabrina Carpenter's 25th birthday party. Picture: Instagram @sabrinacarpenter

Just a few days prior Sabrina and Barry where caught in a rare red carpet photo moment at The Met Gala.

In the snap of the couple, their outfits seemed to match, as Sabrina wore a gorgeous Oscar de la Renta gown, which made her look like Alice from Alice In Wonderland, and Barry donned a Mad Hatter-style suit.

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