Perrie Has Written A Friendship Break Up Song So Sad It Makes Her Cry

25 June 2024, 17:03

Perrie Edwards says she's written a song about a relationship break up
Perrie Edwards says she's written a song about a relationship break up. Picture: Shutterstock/YouTube

By Abbie Reynolds

Perrie revealed she's written a song about an ex-best friend that she can't listen to without crying.

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We've been living for Perrie Edwards' solo career. After Little Mix took a hiatus in 2022 fans have been eagerly awaiting the girls' solo music.

Leigh-Anne Pinnock kick started the move to solo music with Perrie following soon after and now Jade Thirlwall has confirmed she's dropping new music soon.

Perrie launched her solo music career with the release of her track 'Forget About Us' followed up with 'Tears', which she performed for the first time at Capital's Summertime Ball.

Speaking on Capital Breakfast she did tease her third single and now she's revealed she's written a song about a friendship break up which is so sad she "can’t even listen to it without crying".

Perrie Edwards recently had an interview with Zach Sang
Perrie Edwards recently had an interview with Zach Sang. Picture: Getty

In conversation with Zach Sang, Perrie said: "A friendship I no longer have anymore, I wrote a song about that. And that song I can't even listen to without crying."

She said friendship break ups can hurt just like any other relationship break up, saying: "'Cause that is love, like you have so much love for that person.

"It could be a family member, a best friend, if you really really love that person and then they're not in your life anymore, it's really difficult."

Perrie said the song was full of "home truths" about how "no matter what we just didn't see eye to eye".

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Of course Perrie's fans were quick to weigh in on who they think it might be. The majority of fans have guessed former bandmate Jesy Nelson who left the band on slightly frosty terms.

One fan posted: "During their time in Little Mix, Perrie and Jesy seemed to be the really close ones. I'm so excited to cry to this songg"

However others have suggested it's about an old friend that she's not been pictured with for years. According to fans via X, she was Perrie's best friend but something happened between them in 2016 and they stopped being friends.

Perrie is teasing her debut solo album
Perrie is teasing her debut solo album. Picture: Getty

Perrie hasn't said who the song is about and she likely never will but she did say that she's open to rekindle things.

On whether she wants the person to hear the song she said: "Yeah. Why not? Hear a few home truths about yourself maybe. Maybe it'll help that person grow."

"It was a massive moment in my life and they were a big part of my life, so it's really sad how it all ended up," she said.

In her interview with Zach she also revealed that she's written songs about her relationship, family, heartbreak, and a love song to herself - you best believe the excitement for the album is real!

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