Ariana Grande Drags Impatient Fans Who 'Didn't Even Know About New Song Until Four Hours Ago'

28 March 2019, 11:57 | Updated: 28 March 2019, 16:53

Ariana Grande let fans know that a new track 'Monopoly' with BFF Victoria Monet is on the way and she isn't here for her impatient fans.

Ariana Grande revealed to her 60 million fans on Twitter that she and BFF and long time collaborator Victoria Monet were going to drop a track 'Monopoly' and unsurprisingly, they got seriously excited and started demanding the '7 Rings' singer drop it immediately.

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Ariana Grande announces she's dropping Monopoly with Victoria Monet
Ariana Grande announces she's dropping Monopoly with Victoria Monet. Picture: Twitter

The 'breathin'' singer teased they'd drop it 'tomorrow night' AKA today, but carried on to let people know the track wasn't ready yet and instead promised that it would be coming on Monday, writing:

"howwwwwwwbout. we push for as soon as we can bc we love you that much ! but most likely monday bc we jus made some calls and it’s lookin like monday lmao."

Ari couldn't help but shade some of the less patient amongst them, clapping back to someone who said 'we want it tomorrow' saying: "girl u didn't even know about the song til four hours ago goodnight".

Some fans were sympathetic to the star, telling her to simply 'enjoy tour' and not to stress about working to a deadline.

Her fans and her have a famously funny relationship, and when they do throw shade back and forth its always in good spirit.

She said her team were working round the clock to get it finished but it was too late and fans were hyped knowing there was new music on the way.

Ariana Grande claps back at impatient fans over new track
Ariana Grande claps back at impatient fans over new track. Picture: Twitter

The pair already surprised everyone during a Sweetener concert the other night by performing another unreleased track, 'She Got Her Own', so people were surprised to hear that it was a different track they'd be dropping together.

The 25-year-old also defending her sporadic music releasing habits saying that it's 'authentic', 'healthier' and 'rewarding'.

She wrote: "it feels sm healthier & sm more authentic & rewarding. regardless of the outcome, i prefer this bc it’s real & feels happy. no games. i love music. i love the ppl i make it w. these past few months made me fall in love w this job all over again. so thank u sm for being down."

Ariana also told Billboard that she wants to be able to drop music like male artists and rappers are able to do, and it looks like she's seriously sticking to her guns on this one, even if it does keep her fans on their toes!

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