Love Island Toby’s Funniest Moments & All The Times He Became A Meme

2 August 2021, 17:16 | Updated: 2 August 2021, 17:20

Toby has become a Love Island fan-favourite
Toby has become a Love Island fan-favourite. Picture: ITV2
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Love Island’s Toby Aromolaran has become one of the most meme-able contestants this year - here’s a round-up of all of his funniest moments so far.

It’s safe to say that the nation has developed a very big soft spot for Love Island’s Toby Aromolaran over the past few weeks with his hilarious ways.

What started out as fans being not-so-pleased with how his head has turned from Kaz Kamwi to Chloe Burrows to Abigail Rawlings (and back again) has ended in Toby becoming one of the most-meme'able contestants ever!

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His chaotic ways in the villa have led to many intense moments and awkward conversations, but now fans are starting to warm to his hilarious ways.

Twitter has been popping off with fan reactions to what Toby says and does each evening, so we’ve rounded up all of his best bits that have been circulating on social media…

Love Island's Toby has gone viral following his hilarious moments
Love Island's Toby has gone viral following his hilarious moments. Picture: ITV2

Love Island’s Toby telling fellow Islanders he ‘manifested’ his shoe size

In no particular order, the first up on the list is Toby’s admission that he thinks you can “manifest your shoe size”.

Speaking to his fellow Islanders, he said: “I have a theory that the foot size is down the mental state. Yeah. I have a firm belief.

“When you was younger, I believe that if you wanted to be a size, you could dictate the size of your thought due to your thoughts.”

Fans’ reactions were priceless, with many thinking he must be joking - maybe one day we’ll find out if his admission was just a joke after all!

Love Island’s Toby pumping weights after losing a challenge

Toby lifting weights after losing Love Island's sports day sent fans into hysterics
Toby lifting weights after losing Love Island's sports day sent fans into hysterics. Picture: ITV2

Things got extra tense in the villa when Toby and Hugo Hammond fell out over the latter’s savage speech about the footballer dumping Chloe for bombshell Abi.

And what better way to make the situation more awkward than to implement a challenge for the contestants where Toby and Hugo were on opposite teams!

Long story short, when Hugo’s team won, Toby became the ultimate “sore loser” as branded by fans on social media, as he immediately starting pumping weights unexpectedly, while the other team were celebrating.

In all honesty, it was a classic meme moment!

Love Island Toby's love triangle saga

Toby’s aforementioned love triangle has become one of the main talking points of Love Island this year, as he flipped from Kaz to Chloe to Abigail to Casa Amor’s Mary… and now he wants to go back to Chloe.

His head-turning has been hard to keep up with, but has undeniably spurred a series of memes that will live on, on Twitter, going forward!

When Toby became Love Island’s biggest meme in 2021

Love Island fans are loving Toby's antics
Love Island fans are loving Toby's antics. Picture: ITV2

Following Toby’s awkward clash with Kaz, he tried to pull her for a chat to apologise to her after lying about the Chloe situation.

However, Kaz wasn’t quite ready to talk just yet, but it didn’t stop Toby from trying to speak to her throughout the whole episode.

At one point, he walked over nervously to the day beds to ask Kaz to chat, where she declined, and thus one of the most viral memes from this series was born.

Have a scroll through some of the best ones below…

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