Love Island Star Molly-Mae Hague's Fans Rush To Support Her Following Body Shaming Trolls

20 July 2020, 11:15 | Updated: 2 October 2020, 23:05

Molly-Mae Hague's fans shut down the trolls who body-shamed her
Molly-Mae Hague's fans shut down the trolls who body-shamed her. Picture: Instagram/Twitter

Love Island fans have come to Molly-Mae Hague's defence after she was subjected to nasty comments about her body, online.

Love Island’s Molly-Mae Hague was body-shamed after she was pictured in a bikini on holiday, and now fans have rushed to throw support behind her.

It all started when the 21-year-old influencer took to Twitter to address comments that were made about her body, including cruel things about ‘going on a diet’.

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The star, who is currently in Ibiza with her boyfriend Tommy Fury, hit back saying: "I would genuinely love to know who writes these comments?

"Like how can you actually write s**t like that and sleep at night? Beyond me.”

Molly-Mae's fans rushed to defend the Love Island star
Molly-Mae's fans rushed to defend the Love Island star. Picture: Twitter
Love Island fans praised Molly-Mae for embracing her 'normal' body
Love Island fans praised Molly-Mae for embracing her 'normal' body. Picture: Twitter
Fans of Molly-Mae shut down the trolls
Fans of Molly-Mae shut down the trolls. Picture: Twitter

Fans of the star have now taken to Twitter to shut down the comments and have branded Molly-Mae’s body as a ‘dream bod’ while praising her for embracing her natural figure.

One person tweeted: "Love to see what these people would say about me if they can say this about Molly-mae fittest b**ch I’ve ever seen.”

“Would honestly kill to have a body like yours are these people okay???? sad sad lives they are living to feel the need to comment online.. about a stranger..,” shared another.

"It’s called being a woman and having a normal body. No wonder why so many girls have self-esteem issues, cellulite is completely normal and so is having a bit of fat. People are jealous & very sad,” added a third.

Another fan went on to add: "Honestly like is it any surprise that people have body dysmorphia and issues with their appearance when you see people making such hateful comments? What I’d do to have a figure half as nice as Molly-Mae’s.”

Friends and fellow Love Islanders of Molly-Mae were also quick to stand up for her, branding the comments ‘unhealthy’, with Amber Gill writing: "They're actually f**king weirdos man like who in their right mind would even go to the comment section to say ANYTHING you have a lush body and tbh I'd love to see what they look like [sic]."

In a separate tweet, Amber added: “Are these people DUMB she's a 21-year-old girl its unhealthy to have the mindset these people do like its actually sick why hasn't 2020 taken them out yet [sic].”

Maura Higgins also intervened, saying: "BE F**CKING KIND!!!!! How many times do we have to say this??"

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