Does Joshua Bassett Have A Girlfriend? A Breakdown Of His Dating History

9 February 2021, 17:38

Joshua Bassett is thought to have dated Olivia Rodrigo
Joshua Bassett is thought to have dated Olivia Rodrigo. Picture: Getty

Joshua Bassett’s latest songs have fans wondering if he currently has a girlfriend – and even more so if it's Olivia Rodrigo or Sabrina Carpenter.

Joshua Bassett’s rumoured love triangle with Sabrina Carpenter and Olivia Rodrigo sparked a lot of questions about each of the singers’ love lives and whether either of the girls were actually dating Josh.

It’s rumoured Josh dated Olivia in 2020 before moving on to Sabrina, but does he have a girlfriend now?

The 'Love Triangle' Drama Between Olivia Rodrigo, Joshua Bassett And Sabrina Carpenter Explained

If you’ve managed to get your head around the Josh/Sabrina/Olivia love triangle, it’s time to take a closer look at Josh’s relationship history.

Does Joshua Bassett have a girlfriend, who is he dating?

It seems Josh is single at the moment, as there’s no sign of a girlfriend on his Instagram where he’s been plugging his latest singles, ‘Lie Lie Lie’ and ‘Only a Matter of Time’.

Some fans believe he’s dating Sabrina Carpenter, but there’s more on that below…

Sabrina Carpenter and Josh Bassett hung out in 2020
Sabrina Carpenter and Josh Bassett hung out in 2020. Picture: Getty

Is Joshua Bassett dating Sabrina Carpenter?

Toward the end of last year it looked like Josh and Sabrina were dating but neither of them have publicly addressed whether they’re still together or not.

In July they started hanging out together, posting pictures of their outings and their co-ordinated Halloween costumes in October, but they haven’t said anything about their relationship since Olivia dropped the now-famous heartbreak track that was ‘Drivers License’.

Olivia Rodrigo and Josh Bassett star in High School Musical: The Musical – The Series
Olivia Rodrigo and Josh Bassett star in High School Musical: The Musical – The Series. Picture: Getty

Is Olivia Rodrigo Joshua Bassett’s ex-girlfriend?

Olivia and Josh have stayed silent on speculation they were dating last year, but if you decode the ‘Drivers License’ lyrics it seems the High School Musical: The Musical – The Series co-stars were an item for a short time.

Their relationship on-screen as Nini and Ricky only fuelled speculation they were together, especially when Josh admitted he brought their off-screen relationship to some of the most romantics scenes in the series.

He told LA Times in January 2020: “Every single time, I would change it to something else that was specific to her and I, and getting her reaction out of it was the best thing in the world.”

In the same interview Olivia said she “loved” Josh, adding: “He’s my best friend, so that really made the acting authentic and really truthful. It was like I wasn’t acting.”

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