All The Harry’s House Clues Fans Have Uncovered So Far From Harry Styles’ Third Album

7 April 2022, 17:06

Harry's House has been teased by Harry Styles for months
Harry's House has been teased by Harry Styles for months. Picture: Getty/HarryStyles
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Fans have found links to ‘Harry’s House’ that Harry Styles has been teasing for months!

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Harry Styles recently confirmed the title and release date for his long-anticipated third album ‘Harry’s House’.

The new album, previously called 'HS3' by fans, is set to drop on May 20th – but it turns out he’s been teasing this project for much longer than we initially thought!

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After Harry announced the title of his third album, fans started noticing links to things he’s said on stage before, to parts of his Love On Tour shows in recent months which go hand-in-hand with the upcoming project.

Here’s a look at some of the biggest clues fans have uncovered about ‘Harry’s House’…

Harry Styles releases trailer for new album Harry’s House

Harry’s Wizard of Oz Dorothy costume on Harryween

Fans will remember Harry famously dressed up as Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz for the first night of his sold-out Love On Tour Halloween weekend in New York City last year.

In the classic 1939 film, Dorothy clicks her heels three times and repeats “there’s no place like home” - which fans didn’t realise at the time made a subtle reference to his upcoming album as he also mentioned ‘going home’ throughout the evening.

Harry Styles' Dorothy costume had a subtle link to his new musical era
Harry Styles' Dorothy costume had a subtle link to his new musical era. Picture: Getty

Harry Styles teases As It Was music video

References to ‘home’ during Harry's Love On Tour shows

During Harry’s Love On Tour shows in the US last year, the singer would often end his shows by asking the audience, “are you ready to go home?”, to which fans would reply with, “you are home” - which, of course, now links to a website linked to dropping clues about his new album.

Harry even frequently asked fans to “send me home” during the final song of his shows - which people were quick to link to a new musical era for Haz.

Harry Styles is dropping 'Harry's House' on May 20th
Harry Styles is dropping 'Harry's House' on May 20th. Picture: HarryStyles/Twitter

Harr's Pleasing promo photos hinting at release date

The first promo pictures that were shared following Harry’s official drop of his 'Pleasing' brand had a subtle link to the star’s release date for ‘Harry’s House’.

Fans noticed in the snap he was holding up five fingers on his left hand and two fingers on his right hand - which sparked theories about May 2 (5/2) or May 20 (5/20) - which turned out to be Haz’s exact release date for his next project!

Harry Styles' 'Pleasing' promo picture teased 'Harry's House's release date
Harry Styles' 'Pleasing' promo picture teased 'Harry's House's release date. Picture:

The seating areas at Love On Tour

At the start of the year, fans noticed the names for his upcoming stadium layout for Love On Tour’s show dates changed from ‘cherry’ and ‘watermelon’ to ‘kitchen’, ‘bedroom’ and ‘hallway’.

It goes without saying that the fruit names linked to his ‘Fine Line’ era with his hits ‘Watermelon Sugar’ and ‘Cherry’ - which makes a lot more sense knowing that his new album is titled ‘Harry’s House’, meaning the new pit names reference the rooms and potential tracklist to go with the new tone of his project.

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