Kim Kardashian Slammed For Sharing ‘Scary’ Corset Video Showing Off ‘Impossibly Small’ Waist

23 June 2020, 14:31

Kim Kardashian's corset video has been slammed.
Kim Kardashian's corset video has been slammed. Picture: instagram

Kim Kardashian has angered fans with her ‘scary’ corset video.

Kim Kardashian is one of the most talked about women in the world. If people aren’t chatting about her butt - and whether or not it’s real - they’re talking about her net worth, or her SKIMS brand, or her kids.

Today, however, it’s her waist that has whipped the internet into a frenzy.

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Kim Kardashian's corset post has not gone down well with fans.
Kim Kardashian's corset post has not gone down well with fans. Picture: instagram

It all started when she shared a video on Instagram of herself wearing a corset - similar to the one she wore to the 2019 Met Ball.

She captioned the post: “Just found this in my phone from my special trip to London last year to meet w Mr. Pearl.

“I wore a corset like this for the Met Ball for my @manfredthierrymugler Camp look but the corset was misplaced that night and I want it so badly preserved for my archive that I flew to London to have another made for the archive. 

“We also might have started making a few more looks including my special 40th bday look. Can’t wait to show you the LOOKSSSS we’ve been cooking up.”
However, fans have blasted her for glorifying unrealistic body expectations.

“Not a healthy image to promote,” wrote one.

Another added: “I love you Kim, but it’s not healthy to promote completely unrealistic body types. You’re better than this. Are you really going to teach your daughters that their bodies are only beautiful kid surgically altered?”

A third read: “You just don’t get it. You do some pretty amazing things for minority groups and people in need, and then you negate that work with something like this. What sort of role model are you for your daughters? If you can’t see that there is something wrong with this then you need help.”

Others were genuinely concerned for her insides, with one writing: “Where are your ribs and guts??”

“Stop it Kimmy!,” wrote another. “You are beautiful enough. Stop killing your organs.”

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