Kim Kardashian 'Culturally Out Of Touch' For Selling Black Face Masks As 'Nude'

20 May 2020, 11:10

Kim Kardashian branded culturally out of touch
Kim Kardashian sells plain black face mask as 'nude'. Picture: Kim Kardashian Instagram/ SKIMS

Kim Kardashian's come under fire for selling 'nude' face masks, but using a jet black colour for darker skin which people are branding racist.

Kim Kardashian's being criticised for selling 'nude' face masks during the pandemic, as the masks she is selling for darker skin are jet black, leading to claims of casual racism and being 'culturally out of touch.'

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Kim Kardashian under fire for selling black face masks as 'nude'
Kim Kardashian under fire for selling black face masks as 'nude'. Picture: Kim Kardashian West/ Instagram

The 39-year-old is being accused of being 'inaccurate and offensive' for using a variety of different shades for skin tones and simply plain black for the darkest skin colour.

Kim is being called out all over Twitter, with many confused she'd make such an error when she has such a racially diverse family.

One user wrote: "SKIMS is making face masks in nude and the one for the dark skinned black girl is just....plain black?! Not dark brown just black?!"

Another couldn't believe the garment had been allowed to go to market, writing: "I feel like she had to of known that it was offensive. How did the line make it this far without anyone telling her."

However, the model from the shoot, Arame Fall, has spoken up in one tweet to say at no time did she feel disrespected.

One person pointed out there is a dark brown option on the website, to which the model replied: "FACTS!! I’m this model and there was no moment that I felt like I was disrespected."

Model in the image speaks up to defend Kim Kardashian's mask colours
Model in the image speaks up to defend Kim Kardashian's mask colours. Picture: Twitter @fallarame20

Others are angered she is the latest celeb to be making money from the COVID-19 pandemic in the first place, suggesting if she has the means to produce masks, she should be donating them to hospitals and other frontline workers who need them most.

A user wrote: "How dare you use the covid-19 to make money. You should be donating these to hospitals."

This isn't the first time her SKIMS brand has come under fire, with the entire brand originally named 'Kimono', which she quickly changed after it was pointed out the cultural appropriation of the traditional Japanese garment.

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