Billie Eilish Releases First Look At New Music With Major Clue About Her Next Album

8 April 2024, 12:55

Billie Eilish shares snippet of a new song
Billie Eilish shares snippet of a new song. Picture: Getty

By Abbie Reynolds

After breaking the internet with her private story on Instagram, Billie Eilish has released a snippet of a new song and it comes with a major clue about her next album.

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Billie Eilish has been teasing fans worldwide with clues about her next album. After changing her Instagram profile pic, she let us know that her new era is blue. Then came the billboards teasing lyrics from what we assume are her new songs.

And after all that hype came her Instagram 'close friends list'. The 'NDA' singer added her entire Insta following to her close friends story. With everyone desperate to know why, she amassed over 19 million new followers.

Curiosity got the better of us all, and for good reason as she continued to tease visuals for her new music, as well as sharing an ambiguous phrase, "HIT ME" onto her close friends story.

On Sunday night she took to the story to say, "I'm telling you something tomorrow" followed up by a selfie saying, "I promise". Billie kept to her promise, as the next day she dropped an unexpected clip onto her Insta feed with the caption, "Ready?". Erm, yes Billie, we are so ready.

The clip featured someone drowning and as a hand reached out to save them the music switched up and we got a taste of those iconic Billie vocals. But what does this clip tell us about her upcoming music?

The teaser clip suggests that BE3 is going to be water based which is pretty epic for Billie since water used to be her biggest fear. This a phobia she conquered during her last project, as half of the music video for her title song 'Happier Than Ever' was shot under water.

After dropping the project, she had told Elle, “Water used to be my biggest fear—I was terrified of drowning and having my head stuck underwater." The two-time Oscar Award winner went on: "Half of the video was shot underwater. So I pretty much overcame my fear of water. It was f**king crazy, dude.”

Fans have been jokingly commenting things like "in her drowning era" and "so ready for her drowning era". But this clip of someone drowning might just be the biggest clue as to what her new music is about.

It's almost impossible to work out who the person in the video is but since Billie usually stars in her own music videos, it's probably her. Perhaps we are looking at an album centred around Billie's biggest fears.

Billie has been bread-crumbing her new music on her close friends story
Billie has been bread-crumbing her new music on her close friends story. Picture: Instagram

So what will her new music sound like? Well, judging by this very small snippet it's going to more of Billie's matured sound. Think 'Billie Bossa Nova' from 'Happier Than Ever' rather than some of her earlier hits.

The clip has got all of Billie's fans more than excited and many hopped over to her website to see if there were any more clues about her new music over there. But they were faced with a surprising '404' notice, which could suggest her website is going through some changes. One thrilled fan wrote: "The website is down, she is coming."

Fans spotted this Billie Eilish billboard in London
Fans spotted this Billie Eilish billboard in London. Picture: Capital

Earlier this year Billie had started to tease that new music was coming with billboards spotted in the US and UK. In London big blue text read, "Did I cross the line?". And in the US one said: "She's in the headlights."

Other billboards read, "I could change you life" and "Do you know how to bend?".

It's unclear as to when new music is coming from Billie but the caption, "Ready?" leads us to believe it is coming very, very soon.

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