Jingle Bell Ball 2012 Live Blog - Friday 7th December

7 December 2012, 11:33 | Updated: 30 March 2016, 13:50

Follow all the action and backstage gossip as it unfolds from the O2 Arena ahead of this weekend's event.

Capital FM is backstage at the O2 Arena and we'll be bringing you all the latest backstage news and gossip ahead of this weekend's Jingle Bell Ball with Blackberry.

Follow the real time action as it happens in our live blog, where we'll round-up all the best news as some of the biggest stars in hit music prepare to take to the stage in London.

This weekend's Jingle Bell Ball will see performances from 15 acts: Pink, Bruno Mars, JLS, Little Mix, The Script, Rizzle Kicks, Cheryl Cole, Girls Aloud, One Direction, Lawson, Conor Maynard, Example, Calvin Harris, The Wanted and Rita Ora.

You will be able to follow their steps all the way as those artists get ready to perform on Saturday (8th December) and Sunday (9th December).

Keep refreshing this page because we'll be updating it all day as the action unfolds. Don't forgot to join in the debate by posting a comment on this page.

Live Blog

20:55pm - REMINDER: if you want to see all the pictures from the backstage area check out the widget below to see everything from Cheryl's dressing room to, errr, a shark pool! (One of those might not be real.)

And we'll see you back here tomorrow, when the action starts for REAL!

As the final touches are made to the Jingle Bell Ball show, check out our gallery of backstage pictures, showing what's happening at the O2 Arena.

20:35pm - We're still here! So, to set the scene a little, we've just been confronted by an entire troop of reindeer - Rudolph included - but we've popped back on to tell you all about a dressing room we just snuck into.

He's playing tomorrow, he's one of the biggest artists IN THE WORLD - it's only Bruno Mars!

Want so see? Check out the link here: Bruno Mars Dressing Room 360-Degree Tour

18:01pm - We've been chatting to Bruno Mars ahead of his performance tomorrow - he has some super exciting things planned.

"We're excited," Bruno said. "We haven't played a show like this in a while. We've been doing a lot of promotion and kind of just playing one song on TV, so we're going to let loose i think. I think people are going to be in for a real treat."

Watch what he said below...

17:47pm - Just casually walked past the photobooth and stumbled across this... Those Fake JLS boys (FLS) have been getting everywhere today!

16:30pm - Uh oh, those JLS boys have just seen our picture! LOL!

16:01pm - ...And here's what's inside the wardrobe...

15:56pm - So we were just nosing around backstage and we found actual Narnia. If you don't believe us, check out the photo below and click it to see what's inside the magical wardrobe.

15:46pm - AMAZING fact for you here: The volume of The O2 is equal to thirteen Albert Halls, 10 St Paul's Cathedrals or two old Wembley Stadiums.

We wonder who had to measure that?

15:20pm - We've been chatting to Conor Maynard, who is HYPED about his performance this weekend - particularly about his chances of bumping into a certain Cheryl Cole. "Who would I have out of Girls Aloud? I dunno, I feel like I'm just going to jump on the band wagon and say Cheryl."

Would Conor like Cheryl in his dressing room? Of course he would: "Well that would be great. I mean this is obviously my first time ever performing at the O2 Arena."

Fortunately for Conor, Cheryl is playing the Jingle Bell Ball as part of Girls Aloud on Sunday. We'll see what we can do...

15:13pm - Can you spot what's wrong with the picture below? If you can, click the picture to try some more.

15:02pm - An hour or so ago we asked our Twitter followers why they couldn't wait for the Jingle Bell Ball. Here we've rounded up some of our favourites so far.

14:49pm - Some useful links for you...

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Capital FM Jingle Bell Ball 2012 Saturday Line-Up In Pictures

Capital FM Jingle Bell Ball 2012 Sunday Line-Up In Pictures

14:15pm - Big up to Twitter. We're currently asking our followers to tell us why they can't wait for the Jingle Bell Ball. Join in the conversation here...

13:21pm - OK *Drumroll Please*. We've been running around the O2 for the last hour with a camera and an Instagram filter and we've put together our backstage gallery (so far). Check out what's been going down so far...

Be warned, this gallery features Fake JLS, a reindeer and the room where we're keeping it clean!

As the final touches are made to the Jingle Bell Ball show check out our gallery of backstage pictures, showing what's happening at the O2 Arena right now.

13:04pm - BREAKING NEWS! (Fake) JLS have just joined us! BEST CHRISTMAS EVER?

JLS masks

12:52pm - We've been taking a look at some weird and crazy numbers about this year's Jingle Bell Ball performers. Check them out...

Check out some of the facts and figures that define this year's incredible line-up of artists.

12:40pm - Seeing as it's Christmas we thought we'd get a guest editor in to help with the blog. Just in time apparently, they keep telling us they've got a big event of their own coming up on the 24th/25th...

Rudolph mask

In other news, Harry Styles is preparing for One Direction's performance tomorrow in New York. HAYLOR alert!

12:19pm - OK, it's getting a TINY bit real now! Look what Girls Aloud just posted on Twitter...

12:01pm - What do you mean you don't believe we're really here? Just been checking out The Script's home for Saturday!

Jingle Bell Ball The Script dressing room

11:45am - GOOD MORNING and welcome to our backstage blog from this year's Jingle Bell Ball. Keep checking back to get all the latest gossip from the backstage area as this weekend's Ball draws closer.

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