Zayn Malik Tattoos And Meanings: From His Gigi Eyes To Head Inkings

18 December 2018, 16:58 | Updated: 18 December 2018, 17:04

Zayn Malik tattoos
Zayn Malik has a huge collection of tattoos on his body. Picture: Getty/Instagram

Former One Direction singer Zayn has an extensive collection of body art for 25 years old which includes his head tattoo and a Perrie Edwards cover up.

Zayn Malik is just one of the One Direction boys that has a body covered in tattoos.

In fact, the Icarus Falls creator now has an impressive total of 62 pieces starting from his head all the way down to his toes.

So what are Zayn’s tattoos and meanings? Here’s your guide to all of Gigi Hadid’s boyfriend’s body art:

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Zayn’s Head And Neck Tattoo

One of his most recent additions, Zayn debuted a large mandala pattern on the left side of head in early 2018 that has a spiritual meaning. Going all away around his ear, the print joins up with the single rose he also has on the back of his head.

Other tattoos here are a swallow, his age 25 and his father’s name Yaser tattooed behind his right ear.

Gigi’s Eyes And Chest Tattoos

In a big declaration to girlfriend Gigi, the singer had her eyes tattooed on to his chest.

They join a big collection of body art including his grandad’s name, a black love heart, a huge pair of wings and a smoking skull.

Zayn’s Perrie Edwards Tattoo And Arm Inkings

It’s no secret that the Pillow Talk singer had a real-life inking of his Little Mix ex on his arm but as soon as they split, he had it covered with a UFO space scene.

Zayn is a massive fan of arm tattoos and some include a microphone, a lotus flower, the word ‘ZAP’, a Yin Yang sign and a boombox.

Matching One Direction Tattoo And Leg Art

The 1D boys, all being such big tattoo fans, got a matching tiny screw and Zayn had his placed on his right ankle.

Others include a large woolf, Lord Voldemort and a smoking man.