WATCH: Zayn Covered Bollywood Song 'Allah Duhai Hai' & Fans Absolutely Love It

20 November 2018, 15:18 | Updated: 20 November 2018, 15:40

Zayn's dropped a cover of a famous Bollywood song 'Allah Duhai Hai' and it has truly shook the internet, both for it's amazing vocals and nod to his passion for the genre.

Zayn just dropped a cover of a famous Bollywood song 'Allah Duhai Hai' from a film franchise Race 3, simply captioned 'for the fans' and it's safe to say people are absolutely loving it and praising the 25-year-old for pursuing his love of all things Bollywood.

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In his 3-minute rendition the song, he seems to have perfectly nailed the Hindi pronunciation and even fans who don't speak Hindi have taken to Twitter to show their appreciation.

The British-Pakistani singer has previously released the Qawwali Urdu song "Flower" that was inspired by Malik's upbringing so this isn't his first venture into this type of music which he's spoken passionately about in the past.

A producer he worked on his first album with called 'Malay' revealed that the singer: "[Has] always been able to [sing like that] but he just never took it that seriously" until one day he "just picked up the mic".

The musical crossover has gone down seriously well with fans and has amassed over 880,000 YouTube views in a matter of hours, and we're hoping we hear a lot of more of this from Zayn in the future!

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