Shawn Mendes Shows Fans Inside His Amazing Toronto Apartment – And It's So Cosy

21 November 2019, 12:23 | Updated: 21 November 2019, 14:02

Shawn Mendes shared a picture of his cosy apartment
Shawn Mendes shared a picture of his cosy apartment. Picture: Getty / Shawn Mendes/Twitter

Shawn Mendes gave fans a glimpse inside his home on Twitter.

Shawn Mendes was feeling chatty on Twitter on Wednesday night, replying to a number of his fans and telling the world he’s “extremely” excited to be nominated for a Grammy alongside girlfriend Camila Cabello for their song ‘Señorita’, which is up for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance.

He also chatted about growing his hair, before one fan asked the question we all want to know – what his home is like.

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They questioned: “How cosy is your apartment rn on a scale of 1-10?”

And proving just how cosy his Toronto flat really is, Shawn replied with a jaw-dropping photo of the impressive apartment.

Shawn Mendes has such a cosy apartment
Shawn Mendes has such a cosy apartment. Picture: Shawn Mendes/Twitter

“This cosy…” he captioned the incredible picture.

Shawn has a gorgeous apartment complete with floor-to-ceiling windows displaying the glittering Toronto skyline, a huge L-shaped sofa and massive TV on the wall.

In the corner of the room, Shawn’s guitar can be seen perched on an armchair while candles – one on the coffee table and one on the counter – provide a homely glow.

There’s also a huge, standing spotlight lamp to the side of the sofa, and two big fluffy throws folded on each end.

On the coffee table, Shawn has a stack of magazines, a fruit bowl, and a cute little plant.

After posting the picture on Twitter, the 21 year old was inundated with tweets from fans in awe of where he lives.

“We love cosy Toronto condos!” One person replied, as another said: “That view though!”

Meanwhile, many were more concerned about the fact he hasn’t yet put any Christmas decorations up – but it is still over a month until 25 December, give him a break, people!

Another fan also quizzed if he’d lit the candles especially for the photo, as a lighter can be seen next to the large candle on the counter.

One thing's for sure, Shawn has an eye for detail!

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