This Social Media Comedian's Shawn Mendes Impersonation Will Have You In Tears

21 November 2019, 11:28

Shawn Mendes impersonator takes you on a 'date' with the singer
Shawn Mendes impersonator takes you on a 'date' with the singer. Picture: bennydrama7/Shawn Mendes Twitter

A YouTuber well-known for their celebrity impersonations has turned their sights to Shawn Mendes- and we're NGL, it's pretty funny.

Social media comedian, Benito Skinner AKA Benny Drama, best known for his celebrity impersonations, has turned his sights to Shawn Mendes, taking you on a date with the 'Señorita' singer, and the whole thing is pretty hilarious and bang on.

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Dating @shawnmendes POV 💞💞💞

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Writing song lyrics into his 'Harry Potter themed moleskin' notebook whilst sipping a coffee and running around the city, Benny pretty much nails the Canadian singer's voice and trademark floppy hair look, complete with black skinny jeans an artsy scarf and Chelsea boots.

Hilarious phrases from the skit include, "Do you want to borrow my scarf?", "Taylor [Swift] is absolutely a sweetheart", "I'm a Ravenclaw", but you kind of need to watch it to get the full effect.

Fans praise Benny Drama for his hilarious Shawn Mendes impersonation
Fans praise Benny Drama for his hilarious Shawn Mendes impersonation. Picture: Instagram/ @bennydrama7

Fans flooded his account praising the video, writing 'SCREAMING' and 'Oh my god' in reaction, with Perez Hilton writing: "Someone call 911! I’m gagging!!! *screams in gay*."

Another said, "And this here is why Benny drama will forever be my favo[u]rite person ever."

Benny, a comedian from New York, has amassed an enormous online following for his hugely relatable videos about 'girls who brunch' and most famously, the Kardashians, often portraying Kris Jenner with a pair of devil-clawed gloves.

He's gained almost a million Instagram followers and his YouTube videos get hundreds of thousands of views, including his parody Keeping Up With The Kardashians trailers which are just beyond hilarious.

KUWTK SEASON 17 TRAILER | Benito Skinner (2019)

Shawn, who was recently nominated for a GRAMMY alongside Camila Cabello for their huge track, 'Señorita' in the 'Best Pop Duo/Group Performance' category hasn't yet reacted to the video, but we really want to know what he thinks.

He has, however, told a fan how mucht he GRAMMY nomination means to him in a Tweet, when he was asked 'how hyped' he is to be up for the award, replying: "Extremely... and w camila."

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