Shawn Mendes’ Biceps Are Distracting His Army On Tour

13 June 2019, 16:34

Shawn Mendes' biceps are distracting everyone
Shawn Mendes' biceps are distracting everyone. Picture: Getty

Shawn Mendes is in the midst of his global tour, but it’s not just his gorgeous vocals we’re all talking about.

Shawn Mendes The Tour is halfway through, meaning the 20 year old has been up on stage with his guitar in hand almost every night.

Shawn Mendes Doesn't Want Selena Gomez To Know She Starred In His Favourite TV Show

While the pop star has the entire stadium singing along with him when he belts out his hits such as ‘If I Can’t Have You’, ‘Youth’, and ‘In My Blood’, his trademark ensemble of a vest or sleeveless shirt causes just as much of a frenzy amongst his fans.

Shawn Mendes often wears sleeveless tops to show off his muscles
Shawn Mendes often wears sleeveless tops to show off his muscles. Picture: Getty

In fact, the singer’s toned arms have caused such a fuss that his audiences are getting distracted during his concerts – and the reactions are hilarious.

“Yeah you work them biceps @ShawnMendes,” one fan tweeted, as another wrote: “Yeah Shawn Mendes has a good voice but have you seen his right bicep?”

Shawn stays so fit by regularly doing strength training, as well as a conditioning workout once or twice a week.

Earlier this year Shawn stunned fans when his personal trainer shared a video of him doing a jump squat and the clip led fans to try the move out themselves, with hilarious results.

If we thought we couldn’t love Shawn any more, in a recent chat with his Army he revealed his favourite programme growing up was Wizards of Waverly Place, but he told the fan: “Don’t tell Selena Gomez”.

It may seem strange he was watching her on screen growing up, but despite everything he's achieved, Shawn is only 20 years old and Selena is 26 years old, starring in the show from 2007 to 2012, from the young age of 15.

Shawn's intimate backstage chats with fans are just one reasons we love him – as he sits and chats with them about anything and everything, from who he is dating, to how he came to write certain songs and even listens to fans who want certain songs added to his set list.

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