Shawn Mendes Fans 'Plan To Unstan' After He Says He's 'Not Bothered About DC Or Marvel'

29 April 2019, 16:13

Shawn Mendes's movie revelation divided fans
Shawn Mendes's movie revelation divided fans. Picture: Getty

Shawn Mendes fans are joking they’re going to “unstan” the ‘Stitches’ singer after he said he “isn't bothered” about DC or Marvel.

The movie of the moment everyone – and we mean everyone – is talking about is Avengers: Endgame, but there’s one person who’s apparently not fazed about seeing the box office smasher and unfortunately that’s Shawn Mendes.

During a chat with fans, one person asked the 20 year old: “Are you a DC or a Marvel fan?” and he responded: “I’m not bothered either way.”

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One of the Mendes Army then shared the video on Twitter, joking they’d found the Calvin Klein model’s one and only flaw.

They wrote: “I’ve done it. I have discovered Shawn Mendes’ flaw. His singular flaw. He doesn’t like marvel. He doesn’t care about Steve Rogers and Tony Stark and Peter Parker and probably won’t watch Endgame and I’m angry about it.”

Some of the responses were hilarious, with many joking they’ve decided to “unstan”.

“I took this to heart and it ACHES,” replied one, while another defended the singer: “He’s like the biggest Spiderman stan.”

However, after much debate it became clear Shawn was most likely simply saying he wasn’t bothered about choosing between DC or Marvel.

Either way we still love you, Shawn!

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