Shawn Mendes Has Been Spotted In Birmingham As He Stays In The UK To Prepare For Tour

28 February 2019, 10:59

Shawn Mendes has been hanging around in the UK until his tour starts.
Shawn Mendes has been hanging around in the UK until his tour starts. Picture: Instagram/Getty

There’s a wild Shawn Mendes on the loose in Birmingham – who knows where the ‘Stitches’ star will pop up next?

It’s a bit of a treat to have Shawn Mendes pop up in the UK when he’s here for promo or a tour, but the ‘Stitches’ star decided to have a longer stay in the UK between the BRIT Awards and the start of his tour and fans are buzzing about it.

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Yep, fans have spotted that Shawn was in Birmingham ahead of hitting the road on 7th March in Amsterdam for the start of his world tour.

Some lucky fans managed to get selfies with the Canadian star as he stepped out of tour rehearsals in Birmingham – it’s not every day when you have one of the world’s hottest popstars on your doorstep, eh?

Shawn was spotted around Brindleyplace and the city centre, before he will return to the city during his UK leg of tour, beginning on 6th April in Glasgow.

He’d originally flown in to the UK ahead of the BRIT Awards in London on 20th February, where fans defended him after Jack Whitehall made jokes about a “suspicious package” in his Calvin Klein underwear advert.

Hey Shawn, if you’re thinking of making your UK stay something permanent, we’d ALL be down for that!

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