Little Mix Tattoo Guide: All The Ladies' Ink... So Far

26 January 2018, 13:37 | Updated: 26 January 2018, 13:45

Little Mix Tattoo Instagram

Tattoos are all the rage these days in the world of pop music and the Little mix ladies have embraced it to the fullest!

Little Mix are THE bosses when it comes to performing, that's just common knowledge really. Add to that the fact they're style icons, we're pretty sure the ladies slay everything they come into contact with.

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And their tattoo game is up their with the best of them!

From inspirational messages to intricate butterfly sketches, the girl's cover it all.

Jesy Nelson's tattoos:

Jesy nelson tattoo list

PIC: Jesy Nelson/Instagram

Jesy is undoubtedly the most inked member of the group with over 10 different tattoos (pretty much everywhere on her body!).

  1. "You were born an original, so don't die a copy" - on her side.
  2. "XIX-VIII-XI" - on her wrist. The date Little Mix were formed.
  3. "Once Upon A Time" - across her bicep.
  4. "A tiger never loses sleep over the opinions of sheep" - across her thigh.
  5. A rose and thorns on her arm.
  6. A skull and a rose on her other arm.
  7. "Music is the strongest form of magic" - on the inside of her arm
  8. "Girl power" - on her shoulder
  9. An eye with a feather on her forearm.
  10. A selection of different symbols across her fingers/knuckles.
  11. A detailed rose on the back of her hand.


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Jade Thrilwall's tattoos:

YES! This gorgeous gal from South Shields has two stunning tattoos that we currently know of. However, they couldn't be more different if she tried!

  1. "Anyone can achieve their dream if they’ve got the courage" - written in Arabic on her spine.
  2. A small outline of a heart on her ankle.

jade thirlwall tattoos

PIC: Samantha Donkin/Instagram

Perrie Edwards' tattoos:

Well now... apart from a temporary henna tattoo back in the Zayn days and multiple piercings, we can't seem to find anything that would suggest Pez actually has any tattoos!

Perrie Edwards tattoo free

Could we finally see Perrie get inked this year? Perhaps there'll be a milestone or two that will undoubtedly warrant a special spot on the pop star's bod?

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Leigh-Anne Pinnock's tattoos

Is there anyone really as gorge as Leigh-Anne? NOPE! And, just to make her even cooler, she's been inked twice & both designs are just what we'd expect from Leigh... beautiful!

  1. A length of sheet music across her shoulder blade with butterflies across the score.
  2. At the base of her neck, she has the word 'Believe'.

Last night wearing @philippplein78 #LFW #leighloves

A post shared by Leigh-Anne Pinnock (@leighannepinnock) onSep 18, 2016 at 4:42am PDT

Why is it that every time we see these tattoos we get the overwhelming urge to book ourselves in to get on pronto?!

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