Jesy Nelson's Gun Tattoo Is Slammed By Piers Morgan As 'Dangerously Deluded & Dumb'

5 December 2018, 12:38

Little Mix's Jesy Nelson has come under fire from Piers Morgan on 'This Morning' again after she got a new tattoo of a gun, something he's slammed as 'irresponsible' for a role model to 'impressionable young women'.

Jesy Nelson has come under fire from controversial This Morning host Piers Morgan once again for a new tattoo of a gun, something he's branded 'dangerously deluded and dumb', calling her out for being a 'bad influence on impressionable young women'.

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Addressing the Little Mix's new tattoo, Piers let rip saying: "It's a gun on the right side of her back side...isn't that great as gun crime in this country starts to pick up.. of course the best thing to do as a role model to millions of impressionable young girls is tattoo a gun to her back side".

Little Mix's Jesy Nelson's new gun tattoo has caused controversy
Little Mix's Jesy Nelson's new gun tattoo has caused controversy. Picture: ITV/This Morning

He continued: "What happened in America is when all the rappers use guns their fans go and get guns and they start shooting each other it actually happens it isn't a figment of my imagining we know in America the gun imagery used by rap stars is at a direct link between that and shooting people, I think it's a dumb thing to do".

He followed up his on-screen rant with a tweet, labelling the band 'cynical and exploitative', something he previously said when slating their 'Strip' cover artwork where the band posed together without any clothes.

Little Mix fans have leapt to the singer's defence, hitting back at Piers that they are the 'impressionable young women' he is discussing and they have no desire to either imitate the tattoo, nor promote gun violence.

Jesy has since deleted the Instagram story post showing off the new tattoo and has not yet commented on Piers's bashing of her new ink and the band.

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