Noah Schnapp reveals huge detail about Will's storyline in Stranger Things 4

19 July 2019, 19:32

Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

It looks like Will Byers might have a storyline away from everyone else...

The catastrophic events of Stranger Things 3 left us with some huge changes in the town of Hawkins, Indiana. We saw the death of Billy Hargrove, the potential death of Chief Jim Hopper and we saw Joyce Byers move out of Hawkins with her sons Will and Jonathan, and Eleven in tow too.

Thanks to all THAT drama, Hawkins in Stranger Things 4 is set to look and feel completeeeeely different to the fictional town we know and love. Of course, what happens in season 4 is still a closely guarded secret. The renewal hasn't even been confirmed yet but shortly after the release of season 3, the cast were speculating about what might happen to their characters in the next instalment.

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In an interview with ET Online, Noah Schnapp (who plays Will Byers) revealed that he already knows quite a few details about what's ahead for Will's storyline, thanks to the Duffer Brothers.

Noah Schnapp knows about Will's season 4 storyline
Noah Schnapp knows about Will's season 4 storyline. Picture: Netflix

"I know that I might have a separate storyline from everyone else, so we might be filming, like, in another place," he said. "I hope he’s happy, but really, I love when he’s suffering because that’s fun to play."

Of course, we already knew that Will, Eleven, Joyce and maybe even Jonathan's storylines will look much different in season 4 because they've finally moved out of Hawkins. There's also plenty of ways in which the party could be reunited in season 4 but after Noah's comment, it sounds like Will might be on his own... AGAIN. (Also, where is Eleven in this situation if Will is separate from everyone else? Is she gonna go MIA again?)

In another interview with Entertainment Weekly, the Duffer Brothers revealed that season 4 will explore more plot lines outside of Hawkins. But what does that mean for Will?

We know that he's still able to sense the Mind Flayer but will that still be the case if he has moved further away from Hawkins and the gate? And if the gate is reopened (which we assume it somehow has, because of that Demogorgon in Russia), will that affect him? Will he feel it?

Season 4 is likely over a whole year away (at least!) from returning to our lives and I'm already stressed. Filming for the yet-to-be-renewed Stranger Things 4 reportedly starts in October so here's hoping we manage to peep some on-location scenes so we can get an idea of what to expect.