Stranger Things 4 auditions: Open casting call announced

31 January 2020, 22:50

Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

Here's how to get a background role on Stranger Things 4...

It's happening – Stranger Things 4 is just about to start filming and the first open casting call of the season has been announced.

So far, it's been reported – but not confirmed! – that four new characters will be joining the ranks: Three male teenagers (a metalhead, an entitled jock and a stoner) and an older guy, who sounds like he'll be part of the Russia storyline.

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Announcing the opening casting call on Facebook, Casting TaylorMade (which is based in Atlanta, Georgia, where the show is filmed) will be looking for people to play extras and background characters in season 4.

Of course, we know very little about what's going to happen in Stranger Things 4 but as always, the specific details of the casting calls usually always clue us in to what's coming up in the season. Here's the latest news...

Stranger Things 4 auditions: Open casting call announced
Stranger Things 4 auditions: Open casting call announced. Picture: Netflix

How to get an audition for Stranger Things 4

While the actual speaking roles are sorted by the casting directors, there's plenty of opportunities to play a background character or an extra in the new season, and experience the world of Hawkins first hand.

So far, three casting calls have been announced:

- Adult casting call (ages 18-100 years)

- Minors casting call (ages 0-17 years)

- Vintage vehicle casting call

As the production progresses, casting agencies also look for people with special skills, or specific time-period appropriate cars. Previously, for season 3, the casting company sent out a call for background actors who could play instruments (to play behind Mayor Kline at the fair), and those who were comfortable wearing swimsuits and towels (to appear in the scenes at Hawkins' Pool).

When does filming for Stranger Things 4 begin?

Filming hasn't quite begun yet but according to Millie Bobby Brown, it's scheduled to start very soon. Speaking to multiple outlets at the SAG Awards in January, both Noah Schnapp and Gaten Matarazzo revealed that half of the season has already been written.

According to various reports, filming is set to start in Lithuania, which will likely double as the Russian prison seen in the final scene of season 3.

And judging by the date specified on the casting call, filming will start at some point in February. The Facebook notice reads: "Fittings, perms & hair appointments will begin approximately the 2nd week of February."

BRB, just booking my flight to Atlanta. See you nerds at the airport.