Finn Wolfhard Says 'Stranger Things 3' Won't Be Released Until 2019

20 April 2018, 11:48

Finn Wolfhard
Finn Wolfhard. Picture: Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images
Woodrow Whyte

By Woodrow Whyte

And there's a very good reason for it too.

Finn Wolfhard has given fans a small but very important update on the progression of Stranger Things 3 in an interview with Consequence of Sound.

While promoting the imminent release of his first EP with his band Calpurnia, entitled Scout, Finn was asked whether he could talk about the next installment of the Stranger Things. "Yeah so long as its not about the third thing", he replied, "because I genuinely don't know anything about it".

Well, that didn't stop Finn, who plays Mike Wheeler on the hit Netflix show, from giving Stranger Things fans key information about the release date for the next season. When asked if it would happen in 2018 or 2019, Finn said:

"I think it's a '2019 thing'. I don't think there's an official release date but i think it's 2019. I don't think there's any way our show can be edited and done in, like, two months before. But yeah, I think it will be 2019."


As we previously reported, executive producer Shawn Levy said that the show would return in late 2018 or 2019. David Harbour, who plays Police Chief Jim Hopper, said he felt like it would probably be released in 2019, but that quote was from December 2017. The production on ST3 will have significantly moved on since then, so Wolfhard's comments are the surest sign yet that the makers will be taking their time rather than rushing to get it out in 2018.

Elsewhere in the interview, Wolfhard commented on the new characters joining the show. Earlier this week Netflix announced that Cary Elwes will play Mayor Kline, an image-obsessed politician, while Jake Busey will play “Bruce” – a journalist for The Hawkins Post, in the new season.

"I literally just saw that on Deadline today so I'm excited for that to happen", he said. "I'm really excited for all the new characters and I think they're all going to be great. I haven't met them yet I'm meeting them later this week, but I'm very excited to get going again with that."

Ok, so we've got a little longer to wait for ST3 than we hoped. But, if the first two seasons are anything to go by, it will probably be worth the wait.