Stranger Things fans are being ridiculed over their Eddie Munson posts

1 September 2022, 14:47

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Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

Eddie Munson fatigue has hit TikTok.

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Stranger Things 4 was the first season of the show to have been released in the peak TikTok era and, thanks to the millions of new viewers who started watching the show for the first time during the 3-year gap between the last two seasons, the social reaction to the latest season has been unlike ever before.

Part of that has also been thanks to Joseph Quinn's Eddie Munson who has taken the fandom – nay, all of social media – by absolute storm.

There's been countless "Chrissy Wake Up" remixes going viral, Hellfire Club t-shirts have been resold on eBay for 20 times the amount they were originally sold for, and people have flocked to conventions in overwhelming numbers to meet their new fave Joseph.

Eddie Munson fever has swept entire platforms with fan edits, cosplayers and specially written songs... And now, three months after it started, people are starting to get serious Eddie Munson fatigue – and they're criticising the fans who are still sharing and enjoying the content.

TikTok has developed "Eddie Munson fatigue" thanks to the Stranger Things fandom
TikTok has developed "Eddie Munson fatigue" thanks to the Stranger Things fandom. Picture: Netflix

Cosplayers have been busy serving looks and lip-syncing along to their favourite scenes since season 4 dropped in May 2022, but, thanks to the sheer popularity and volume of those videos within their own fandoms, they're ending up on the FYPs of people who find them "annoying" and "cringey". Those people have also flooded the cosplayers comment sections with negative replies.

In a report by Rolling Stone, TikTok user Naomie Lapointe told the outlet that she recently posted a video of herself dressed as Steve, hanging out with a bunch of Eddie cosplayers at a fan event. They then later received countless messages from people criticising them.

"A lot of the comments I got were about how 'new fans' were ruining the show, or how 'cosplay is so cringe,' as if fans of every kind of media haven't been cosplaying for decades," Naomie said. "It discouraged me a little bit, if I'm honest."

Someone even released a song written about Eddie's death that went viral on the platform. It was immediately met with criticism and negative comments from people who thought it was "weird".

Singer-songwriter Sapphire, who has also written a song about Billy from Max's perspective, has had to turn off her comments because people were leaving mean responses.

The comments have spilled over to Twitter as well, with one user writing: "STOP IM CRINGING SO HARD AT THAT NEW EDDIE SONG ON TIKTOK I HATE STRANGER THINGS STANS". Another added: "if i have to hear one more fucking remix of chrissy wake up on my tiktok i’m deleting the app oh my god the stranger things fandom is literally insufferable".

People have now been defending the Stranger Things fans on social media, and calling out those who are continually dragging them.

PSA: Let people enjoy the things they like in peace!

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