Netflix viewers are convinced this Stranger Things character is based on Donald Trump

5 July 2019, 12:56

Emma Clarke

By Emma Clarke

Did Donald Trump inspire this Stranger Things character?

While Stranger Things often reflects contemporary fashion and music, it's never really stepped into the political arena...until now.

As with previous seasons, Stranger Things viewers have been introduced to various new characters in the third instalment - from Robin (played by Maya Hawke) to Dustin's new girlfriend Suzie.

But there's one new face in series three that looks a little...familiar, despite the fact we've never seen him on our screens before.

Since the show dropped on Netflix on 4th July, fans have been drawing similarities between Bruce, an editor at The Hawkins Post, and the President of the United States, Donald Trump.

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The Donald Trump lookalike works at the Hawkins Post with Nancy Wheeler
The Donald Trump lookalike works at the Hawkins Post with Nancy Wheeler. Picture: Netflix

Bruce, the Donald Trump lookalike is first introduced to us in episode one, when Nancy Wheeler and her beau Jonathan rush to the office, where they've bagged themselves a summer job.

While Jonathan is having a pretty cushty time of it at their local newspaper, hiding away in the dark room doing what he does best, Nancy is facing a room full of sexist, patronising men who refuse to take her ideas into account and demand she do the coffee run.

One man in particular has wild straw-coloured hair, an orange-hued tan and is, well, a bit of an arse.

While Stranger Things creators the Duffer Brothers have not confirmed this was their intention, many fans believe the character is a not-so-subtle dig at Trump - especially as the new season was released on the same date as Independence Day, which traditionally sees the POTUS host celebrations at Washington DC's Lincoln Memorial.