Who plays Alexei on Stranger Things? Fans are obsessed with the season 3 character

8 July 2019, 13:53

Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

The internet can't get enough of Alec Utgoff who plays Alexei in Stranger Things season 3.

Stranger Things 3 had many heroes. Eleven was instrumental in saving the day, Dustin and Suzie busted out an iconic tune in the face of disaster, and Hopper did more than his fair share to keep everyone safe. Some Stranger Things 3 heroes were more underrated, but their service cannot be forgotten. Dr. Alexei is one of this season's unsung heroes and people can't get enough of him.

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Warning: Some mild Stranger Things spoilers ahead

Alexei Stranger Things
Alexei Stranger Things. Picture: Netflix/Screenshot

In Stranger Things season 3, we are introduced to Dr. Alexei, a Russian scientist working with other scientists to infiltrate Hawkins via its new mall. When Hopper and Joyce begin investigating the magnets being... demagnetised, it leads them to Alexei, who they take as prisoner.

Even though Alexei was working for the other side, he eventually agrees to help Hopper, Joyce and Murray, and it becomes abundantly clear that he is extremely wholesome and not at all a threat. Alexei likes Cherry slushies (NOT STRAWBERRY, THANKYOUVERYMUCH) and Looney Tunes and not to be dramatic, but we'd die for him.

Of course, the internet was crushed when Alexei died at the fair, with many pointing out that the adorable character "deserved better".

Who plays Alexei on Stranger Things?

Alexei is played by Kiev-born British actor, Alec Utgoff. Alec has been in a number of different productions including Spooks, Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit and San Andreas.

Following the popularity of Alexei on Stranger Things, Alec wrote on Instagram: "Thank you everyone for your warm welcome and support!!! I was really touched that you enjoyed our arc and resonated with the character."

Well, there goes Stranger Things and The Duffer Brothers introducing us to another wholesome character only to have them killed off unexpectedly... AGAIN.

What did you guys think of Alexei in Stranger Things?