Stranger Things 4: 3 major clues about Vecna's true identity we all missed

31 May 2022, 16:44

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No one saw that Vecna twist coming but the subtle clues were there the whole time...

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The ending of Stranger Things 4 was – and I cannot stress this enough – one of thee best twists in recent TV history. It's the kind of twist that leaves you sitting in disbelief as the credits roll, asking yourself, how the hell did we not realise that sooner?

As always with Stranger Things, the clues were actually there all along, and they were so well hidden within the incredible writing of the storyline, barely anyone clocked what was about to happen.

After rewatching the season knowing what we now know, here's the three major clues that all hinted towards the big reveal of Vecna's real identity. (This article contains major spoilers for Stranger Things 4 Volume 1's ending episode!)

All the clues you missed about Vecna's true identity in Stranger Things 4.

All the Vecna clues you missed in Stranger Things 4
All the Vecna clues you missed in Stranger Things 4. Picture: Netflix

WARNING: Major spoilers ahead for the final episode of Stranger Things 4 Volume 1.

Do not read ahead if you have not finished episode 7 of Stranger Things 4!

WARNING: Stranger Things 4 spoilers ahead!
WARNING: Stranger Things 4 spoilers ahead! Picture: Netflix

All the kids in the lab died in the exact same way Vecna kills his victims.

Yep, the biggest clue of all was there in the very first 8 minutes of the episode. The whole time, right under our noses.

In season 4's opener, we see an absolutely horrifying massacre at Hawkins Lab. As the camera pans through the lab and the rainbow room, the bodies of all the lab kids can be seen with broken bones and, if you pay close attention, blood dripping from their eyes... as if someone has ripped their eyes from their heads.

We don't find out until the end of episode 1 that that is the exact same thing that happens to Vecna's victims. After clocking that revelation, you probably should have have some kind of inkling that Vecna was the one who killed those kids at the lab, not Eleven.

Stranger Things 4: The Massacre at Hawkins Lab included a huge Vecna clue
Stranger Things 4: The Massacre at Hawkins Lab included a huge Vecna clue. Picture: Netflix

Henry Creel didn’t have any broken bones when he was found by his father. Nor did he lose his eyes.

On first watch, it's easy to get swept up in Victor Creel's traumatising flashback, as he recounts the murder of his family to Robin and Nancy. We believe every word he's saying! He's innocent! It was Vecna!

But while we see Virginia and Alice Creel's eyes explode and bodies break, the fact that Henry 'dies' after the fact, and not due to Vecna's attack, raises several questions and one big ol' red flag.

Victor's story was so convincing, we all just took him at his word. Barely even took the time to consider why Henry was 'spared' by Vecna in the moment.

Oh, and the fact that everyone in the family except Henry experienced weird goings on in that house? At that point, we should have known that kid was connected to it in some way.

Stranger Things 4: Henry Creel's 'death' was suspicious
Stranger Things 4: Henry Creel's 'death' was suspicious. Picture: Netflix

Jamie Campbell Bower is credited at the end of each episode, despite not appearing on-screen until episode 6.

If you're one of those people that immediately click 'Next Episode' as soon as the credits start to roll, then you'll have probably missed this small detail that might have raised your Vecna/001 suspicions.

In a handful of the episodes, Jamie Campbell Bower is credited as 'Friendly Orderly' despite not appearing on-screen as the 'Friendly Orderly' in the episode.

But, as we soon come to realise in the final episode of the season, Jamie Campbell Bower was there all along. Playing a pretty major role. As the 'Friendly Orderly'. Now known as Vecna.

Stranger Things 4: All the clues you missed about Peter Ballard's true identity
Stranger Things 4: All the clues you missed about Peter Ballard's true identity. Picture: Netflix

Realising Peter Ballard was 001? Piece of cake. Realising Peter Ballard/001 was Vecna? Literally wild. Realising Peter Ballard/001/Vecna was Henry Creel?! Mind? BLOWN. Gagged? AND gooped.

Stranger Things has done it again.

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