Natalia Dyer reveals who she wants Nancy to end up with in Stranger Things

31 May 2022, 17:26

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By Sam Prance

Jonathan or Steve? This is how Natalia Dyer wants Nancy's story to end.

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Stranger Things' Natalia Dyer has opened up about who she wants Nancy to end up with and her answer may surprise you.

Team Steve or Team Jonathan? It's a question that's divided Stranger Things viewers ever since the Netflix show came out and it continues to split fans today. Stranger Things 4 starts with Nancy and Jonathan still together but living miles apart. Meanwhile, Nancy and Steve suddenly join forces again when Hawkins is terrorised by a new villain called Vecna.

As the season progresses, it becomes clear that Nancy and Jonathan are struggling to make their relationship work long-distance. It also becomes clear that Nancy and Steve still have feelings for each other. As a result, fans are once again wondering if Nancy will end up with Jonathan or Steve and who she will pick in the show's final season.

Now, Natalia has addressed the ongoing Jonathan vs. Steve debate and revealed how she wants Nancy's story to end.

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Natalia Dyer reveals who she wants Nancy to end up with in Stranger Things
Natalia Dyer reveals who she wants Nancy to end up with in Stranger Things. Picture: Netflix

Talking to Variety about Steve and Nancy being back in each other's lives, Natalia said: "I think it’s really nice for Nancy and Steve to come back to each other after a few years of kind of growing from where they were. They’re two characters that really care about each other, so it’s really nice to see that again."

As for Nancy's romantic future, Natalia added: "I want something for Nancy that makes sense. I don’t want her to just end up with somebody because it feels like that’s what she needs to do." Referring to her future at large, Natalia said: "I think she’s probably got a lot of other things going on."

In other words, Natalia loves that Nancy and Steve are interacting again but she's more concerned with Nancy's entire storyline as opposed to who she ends up with.

Do Nancy and Steve get back together in Stranger Things 4?
Do Nancy and Steve get back together in Stranger Things 4? Picture: Netflix

Speaking about Nancy and Jonathan's arc in the same interview, Charlie Heaton said: "I think what the Duffer Brothers did, their writing is always clever, they ground it in reality. You’ve got these two teenagers who made a promise that they were going to stay together no matter what. And the reality of that is always going to be much more difficult."

He then said: "I think he was hoping she would come up to see him. When she doesn’t, it kind of makes him doubt himself and doubt this relationship that means a lot to him. It’s hard, distance, distance is a difficult thing in any relationship. It’s going to cause all sorts of crazy problems in the body and mind. So that was fun to play that."

What do you think? Are you Team Jonathan or Team Steve?

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