Millie Bobby Brown only just found out how old Eleven is in Stranger Things 4

31 May 2022, 14:32

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By Sam Prance

How old is Eleven in Stranger Things 4? Millie Bobby Brown had no idea what Eleven's actual age was until now.

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Stranger Things icon Millie Bobby Brown has only just learned how old her character Eleven is and her reaction is hilarious.

It's impossible to imagine Stranger Things without Millie Bobby Brown. As soon as the Netflix show debuted, fans could not get enough of Millie's brilliant performance as the child with powers who was kidnapped by Hawkins Laboratory. From her infamous Eggos scene to the moment where she reads Hopper's letter in season 3, no one could play Eleven like Millie.

However, as incredible as her acting in Stranger Things is, it turns out that Millie had no idea what Eleven's actual age was.

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How old is Eleven in Stranger Things 4? Millie Bobby Brown had no idea
How old is Eleven in Stranger Things 4? Millie Bobby Brown had no idea. Picture: Netflix, Stranger Things Brasil

In a new interview with Stranger Things Brasil, Millie admits to her co-star Noah Schnapp: "I don't know how old Eleven is. I feel like we should know that. We should definitely ask someone how old our characters are." Noah (17) then suggests that the characters are around their age but the interviewer then corrects them and says to Millie (18) that Eleven is 14.

Shocked both Millie and Noah say, "Eleven is 14?" in unison and Noah says: "Oh my God we're so young." Laughing, Millie then says: "14? I was making out with Mike at 13?!! WHAT?!! I was thinking like maybe 16/17. That's insane. Ok. We need definite clarification, they're emailing right now."

Naturally, fans are losing it over the video and Millie's horror at Eleven making out with Mike so young. A clip from the interview has since gone viral on TikTok with over 50,000 views.

Now, while the interviewer does state that Eleven is 14 in Stranger Things 4, it's possible that she is actually 15. Eleven was born in 1971 but her exact birthdate is yet to be revealed. Stranger Things takes place during Spring Break in 1986 so it's possible that Eleven is either 14 or 15. Still, not quite 16 as Millie assumed.

What do you think? Did you know Eleven's age?

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