Stranger Things fans are convinced Steve is going to die in season 4 and I am terrified

2 June 2022, 14:10

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Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

"If Steve dies in Stranger Things, you will never hear from me again."

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One thing we know to be true about Stranger Things: That show has never shied away from brutally killing off some pretty major characters. Bob, Barb, Billy... they very nearly almost took Hopper away from us too.

With Stranger Things 4 raising the stakes in every possible way, it's only a matter of time before another big character gets the chop. Vecna's on the loose, there's a big ol' Demogorgon in Russia, and no one is safe.

Both Max and Steve had pretty close calls with various Upside Down-y happenings in Volume 1, and while Max's fate might still be up in the air, fans are convinced that Steve is the one that's going to get killed off at the end of Volume 2.

WARNING: Spoilers ahead for Stranger Things 4 Volume 1!

Does Steve die in Stranger Things 4? Fans are convinced he's gonna be killed
Does Steve die in Stranger Things 4? Fans are convinced he's gonna be killed. Picture: Netflix

Ok, so, the good news: Steve Harrington survived Volume 1! The bad news: He might not make it out of Volume 2 alive. Well, we don't actually that for sure just yet but fans are convinced – and terrified – that he's gonna be the one to die.

'Why? Why would you say such a thing?' I hear you ask. Consider the facts: Steve's story arc throughout the entire show has seen him grow from a popular teenager who wouldn't be seen dead with those nerdy kids, to a True American Hero and single mother who is now never seen without them. You know what that is? Growth.

And in season 4, Steve is being the most heroic he's ever been, which is kind of worrying.

Stranger Things 4: Steve gets dragged into the Upside Down
Stranger Things 4: Steve gets dragged into the Upside Down. Picture: Netflix

There's three specific reasons why fans believe Steve could be in danger of dying in season 4:

1) He was almost eaten alive by those Demobats and we're still not sure what kind of implications that might have on him. Did they poison him? Is he gonna bleed out? What's going on there?

2) Like we said, he's being a bit too heroic this season. Steve is diving headfirst into lakes to investigate gates to the Upside Down, for Christ's sake. If it came down to it, season 4 Steve would probably sacrifice himself for his friends.

And 3) The whole Nancy thing. Whether you're a Stancy or a Jancy shipper, one thing's for certain: Steve still kinda does low-key have feelings for Nancy. Whether they end up being reciprocated is another story but that, coupled with the 'being too heroic' thing? Fans seem to agree that Steve probably wouldn't hesitate to save Nancy's life and risk his own.

The general consensus: If Steve goes down, we're all going down with him.

For those worried about Steve's life, there is some hope that he could survive the entire show – if Shawn Levy hasn't changed his mind about his previous comments, that is.

Back in 2018, executive producer Shawn Levy passionately reassured fans that Steve would not be killed off. Speaking to TVLine, Shawn said: "Honestly, the day Steve Harrington dies is the day I walk off this show. I just can’t live in a world without Steve Harrington. And I think a lot of us feel that way. Steve is safe — at least for now."

Now, that was said back before season 3 even aired... So we guess we'll find out if they really mean it when Volume 2 drops on July 1st.

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