Millie Bobby Brown starts viral NeverEnding challenge inspired by Stranger Things 3

11 July 2019, 17:39

Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

'The NeverEnding Story' scene in Stranger Things 3 has birthed a new challenge.

Stranger Things 3 is finally here and it's kickstarted the hilarious NeverEnding challenge with Millie Bobby Brown.

2019 is no stranger to viral challenges. Over the course of the past few weeks alone, we've seen everything from the difficult bottle cap challenge to the heartwarming 'The Git Up' challenge. Time and time again, the internet finds new and brilliant ways to entertain us and it's not stopping any time soon.

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Now people are doing a new challenge created by Millie Bobby Brown and it involves the incredible 'NeverEnding Story' scene from the Stranger Things 3 finale.

What is the NeverEnding challenge?

Stranger Things 3: The NeverEnding challenge inspired by Millie Bobby Brown
Stranger Things 3: The NeverEnding challenge inspired by Millie Bobby Brown. Picture: Netflix

Any Stranger Things fan will already know that The NeverEnding Story theme song plays a huge role in the series. At the end of season 3, Joyce and Hopper need to know what Planck's constant is so that they can access a room and close a gate to The Upside Down to save the world. They have the wrong number but Dustin gets it for them by calling his girlfriend Suzie via a transmitter.

There's a catch though. Suzie won't tell Dustin what the number is, unless he sings their favourite song with her. The two of them then launch into an incredible rendition of 'The NeverEnding Story' and it's, honestly, iconic. Seriously, the harmonies are next level. Now, Millie Bobby Brown has started the NeverEnding challenge which involves people miming the entire scene.

Check out Millie Bobby Brown's version below.

Amazing, right? The rules aren't strict either. Some people re-enact the entire scene start to finish, others actually sing along to the song and then there are those who just let loose and dance. There's no correct way to do it. Just listen to Dustin and Suzie's version of the bop and see what it inspires you to do. We've gathered together just a few of the best ones so far.

It's important to do the 'Dusty Bun' part perfectly.

Bonus points for dressing up as an iconic Stranger Things character.

Interpretative dance is recommended.

We stan.

People are coming through with the dialogue.

Tens across the board.

If you can get someone to film it even better.

The choreo!

No one can beat Hopper though let's be real.

A king.

Can you do the NeverEnding challenge?