Stranger Things 3 ending is 'very sad', warns Noah Schnapp

2 July 2019, 16:59

Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

"The ending is a lot to handle so be prepared."

To paraphrase the words of 'Will the Wise' Byers: "It's here..." almost. Stranger Things 3 is set to drop on Netflix on Thursday July 4th and by the sounds of things, it's the best season yet. (Actually, we've seen it and we can confirm those whisperings. It really is the best season so far.)

The cast have been out and about promoting the show, spilling some mild secrets, dangling potential Jopper content in front of our faces and being generally vague about the whole thing because you know, spoilers. But there's one cast member who has been teasing things about the ending a little too much and if we were you, we'd take note because he is not lying.

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Noah Schnapp, the talented actor who brings our collective son Will Byers to life so spectacularly every season, has been teasing the show's ending and at almost every opportunity, he's made sure to let us all know that it is - and I quote - "VERY SAD."

Noah Schnapp says Stranger Things 3 is "so sad".
Noah Schnapp says Stranger Things 3 is "so sad". Picture: Rachel Murray/Getty Images for Netflix, Netflix

The cast were on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon recently where the late night host asked them to sum up the season in one word. Finn went for "classic", Caleb opted for the low-hanging fruit with "gory", Sadie said "fun", Millie said "spreading", Gaten chimed in with a "bigger" and Noah? Noah went straight for the jugular with "sad" which got a huge reaction from the rest of the cast.

Yep, Stranger Things 3 is sad, y'all. He also told Extra that he cried at the end and to make things even worse, he later told PA that "it's very sad, the ending is a lot to handle so be prepared."

Just to make sure he'd really driven the message home, he even teased the same thing on his Instagram story. WE GET IT NOAH, IT'S SAD. NOW LEAVE US TO CRY IN PEACE!

Noah Schnapp says Stranger Things 3 is "so sad".
Noah Schnapp says Stranger Things 3 is "so sad". Picture: Noah Schnapp via Instagram

To be honest, we kind of already knew how sad the ending of the season would be, given the cast's reaction on social media when they wrapped at the end of last year.

Back in November, Millie Bobby Brown documented her whole final day on set, posting several pictures of herself in tears after shooting her last scene. Her reaction even sent the fandom into a spiral after they started theorising that Eleven might die at the end of the season.

But what does it all mean!? What happens? Does someone actually die? Are people leaving?! NOAH! PLEASE!

Stranger Things 3 drops on Netflix on Thursday 4th July. See you there, nerd.