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KJ Apa stars in Netflix film 'The Last Summer' coming in May

WATCH: The Last Summer Trailer With KJ Apa, Cast, Release Date & Trailer

Noughties heartthrob Chad Michael Murray has joined the cast of Riverdale

How Old Is Chad Michael Murray, Who Is The One Tree Hill Star's Wife Sarah Roemer And When Did He Join Riverdale?

Chad Michael Murray is the latest star to join the cast of Netflix's Riverdale

Chad Michael Murray Joins The Cast Of Riverdale - And His Entrance Is Creepy AF

Riverdale bosses have said they will address Luke Perry's death in the show.

Riverdale Bosses Confirm They Will Address Luke Perry’s Death In The Netflix Show

Cardi B joins Lili Reinhart and J Lo on the cast of Hustlers.

Cardi B & Riverdale’s Lili Reinhart Will Be Starring In A New Movie, Hustlers, About Ex-Strippers

Fans have spotted striking similarities between Riverdale and The Order.

Fans Think Netflix’s New Show The Order Is Copying Riverdale With Their Identical Promo Images

Graham Phillips and Ariana Grande dated for three years

How Old Is Graham Phillips And When Did The Riverdale Actor Date Ariana Grande?

Lucy Hale has been confirmed to take the title character in new series Katy Keene.

Riverdale Spin-Off Katy Keene Casts Pretty Little Liars’ Lucy Hale As The Lead Role

Cole Sprouse reveals how the Riverdale cast are coping after Luke Perry's death.

Riverdale’s Cole Sprouse Says The Cast Are Trying To “Recover” Following Luke Perry’s Death

Riverdale's creator paid tribute to Luke Perry.

Riverdale Pays Tribute To Luke Perry In The First Episode Of The Netflix Show To Air Since His Death

Luke Perry's daughter, Sophie, thanked fans for their support.

Luke Perry’s Daughter Thanks Fans Of The Riverdale Star For Their Support After His Death

People share their stories of Luke Perry's extraordinary kindness

Stories Of Riverdale's Luke Perry's Random Acts Of Kindness Surface After His Passing

Riverdale has suspended production after Luke Perry's death

Riverdale Production Stopped Following Death Of Luke Perry