How Many Episodes Are In Riverdale Series 5?

21 January 2021, 12:04

Riverdale series 5 is finally here- how many episodes are there?
Riverdale series 5 is finally here- how many episodes are there? Picture: The CW/ Riverdale

'Riverdale' has returned to our Netflix screens for series 5 after what feels like an eternity- so, how many episodes does this season- that includes a time jump- have in it?

Riverdale series 5 has arrived to Netflix- a sentence we started to think we'd never get to say- as Jughead, Betty the rest of the crew pick up where they left off from the shortened series 4 (due to the pandemic, you know the story by now).

So, with the episodes slightly jumbled up and a big ol' time jump on its way- just how many episodes are in this 2021 season and what length of time will they be released over?

What Time Is Riverdale Series 5 Coming Out And How To Watch

The first episode of 'Riverdale' series 5 has dropped
The first episode of 'Riverdale' series 5 has dropped. Picture: Netflix

How many episodes are in series 5 of Riverdale?

So, the show hasn't actually confirmed how many episode the re-jigged series will consist of, but we've done a bit of quick maths and made some educated guesses to give you guys an idea of what's to come.

Series 4 was forced to air with three episodes missing due to the pandemic halting production, so it consisted of 19 episodes rather than 22.

The three missing episodes have been included in series 5, which could mean this is a longer series than expected and could be 22 episodes plus the three missing.

Or, they could have accommodated for these extra episodes, meaning it is still a 22 episode run.

Or, and this is the final or, we promise, the pandemic could have put so much strain on production as we know they had to film under incredibly strict regulations (including the cast and crew isolating in Vancouver, Canada, throughout production) that the series will be shorter than expected.

When will the Riverdale time jump occur?

We know a sizeable time jump is on the way from the cast's high school years straight over college and into adulthood and we can't wait to see the actors.. acting their age for once.

The first three episodes, as we said, will be left over from the final series and will see their high school prom and graduation.

Episode four is where the time jump will occur- which is due to drop in mid February- and will introduce the adult characters.

We've already heard word of marriages, Betty's budding career with the FBI and brand new love interests.

We're. So. Ready.

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