Why Did MAFS UK Jordan Gayle And Erica Roberts Actually Split?

29 February 2024, 10:37

Jordan and Erica from MAFS UK have split
Jordan and Erica from MAFS UK have split. Picture: E4/Instagram

Married at First Sight couple Jordan Gayle and Erica Roberts have split eight months after the experiment ended. But why did they actually breakup?

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Erica Roberts and Jordan Gayle seemed to be an ideal match when they were paired as husband and wife on Married at First Sight UK, but around five months after the show’s final reunion show was filmed – where they were very much still together – they have split.

The breakup came just two weeks after it was revealed another MAFS couple, Peggy Lawrence and Georges Berthonneau, have also split.

Jordan and Erica appeared to be one of the strongest marriages on MAFS, even when they had their relationship tested amid his physical fight with co-star Luke Worley, but they apparently split after watching back some painful memories at the reunion which aired Monday night.

MAFS UK couple Jordan and Erica have split
MAFS UK couple Jordan and Erica have split. Picture: Erica Roberts/Instagram

Why did Jordan Gayle and Erica Roberts split?

Jordan and Erica split less than a year after meeting on MAFS reportedly due to their clashing personalities. And according to MailOnline it was Erica who decided to break up with Jordan.

Their source claimed: “It was Erica that ended her marriage with Jordan… she did everything possible to make it work but sadly they struggled and in the end, she had no choice but to give up.

“Jordan can be hotheaded and Erica's looking for someone who's a bit more laidback so in the end it was a constant personality clash. Of course, both parties are upset and didn't want this to be how their story ended but also in the long-term, it's better for them both to move on.”

MAFS UK: Erica is shocked to see a photo of Jordan with his arm around another woman
MAFS UK: Erica is shocked to see a photo of Jordan with his arm around another woman. Picture: E4

Erica broke her silence on the news of their split hours after it emerged. She wrote on Instagram: “It’s disappointing that Jordan and I weren’t able to share this on our own terms due to the press leak but we would just like to confirm that we are no longer together.

“This hasn’t been an easy decision for us both as we really wanted to make our relationship work. I truly wish him all the best and there is no bad blood between us.”

Meanwhile, Jordan confirmed the reason wasn't because of watching the reunion back. He said on his own stories: “Yes sadly we are not together anymore but not because of the reunion. It’s very sad the way this has come out and I’m not sure where it’s come from.

“But there is a lot of noise coming from people who know nothing about what has happened… the reunion was filmed around five months ago and we have some great and special memories since then, some of them you’ve seen on our social media.”

Erica Roberts' statement about her split from Jordan Gayle
Erica Roberts' statement about her split from Jordan Gayle. Picture: Erica Roberts/Instagram

Jordan and Erica said ‘I do’ having never met one another, but quickly hit it off on the E4 experiment which saw them have a PDA-filled honeymoon before they moved in together.

And at the final commitment ceremony they decided to stick together. However, the show was filmed months ago and it seems they only faced further tests in the outside world.

The fact Erica lived in Scotland was a hurdle in itself for the couple, as Jordan is from Sheffield.

Jordan Gayle confirmed their split wasn't due to the reunion
Jordan Gayle confirmed their split wasn't due to the reunion. Picture: Jordan Gayle/Instagram

They also faced conflict when Jordan was accused of cheating on Erica on a night out with some of his MAFS co-stars shortly before the first of the two reunion shows was filmed.

Jordan insisted he’d stayed faithful and they seemed to mend things, however they clashed again at the second reunion which aired on Monday, coming to blows at the dinner party despite saying their relationship was in a ‘good place’.

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