Married At First Sight UK: Are Jordan And Erica Still Together?

26 February 2024, 16:50 | Updated: 29 February 2024, 15:46

Erica and Jordan became one of the strongest couples on Married At First Sight UK
Erica and Jordan became one of the strongest couples on Married At First Sight UK. Picture: Instagram

By Kathryn Knight

Jordan and Erica were one of the last couples to tie the knot on Married at First Sight UK – but are they still together? And where are they now? Here's what we know.

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Jordan and Erica joined the line-up of Married at First Sight UK later on in the series and quickly proved to be one of the strongest couples as they stood by one another through all the drama.

From their fall out with Jay and Luke, to refusing to take part in Couple Swap week, Jordan and Erica put on a united front through all the challenges MAFS throws at them.

And after the Married At First Sight final and reunion aired, and the contestants proceed to dish all the dirt on one another, fans are keen to know just who out of the line up has managed to stay together.

So are Erica and Jordan still together now? And what are they both doing individually? Here's what we know.

MAFS UK 2023: Jordan and Erica got married having never met
MAFS UK 2023: Jordan and Erica got married having never met. Picture: E4

Are Jordan and Erica from MAFS UK still together?

Jordan and Erica are no longer together! They split after the reunion show aired in February after constantly clashing, something viewers saw during the experiment and both reunion episodes. While they confirmed it wasn't watching back the reunion that led them to split, unlike the reports, they said it 'wasn't an easy decision' to end things.

A source told MailOnline: :It was Erica that ended her marriage with Jordan… she did everything possible to make it work but sadly they struggled and in the end, she had no choice but to give up. Jordan can be hotheaded and Erica's looking for someone who's a bit more laidback so in the end it was a constant personality clash. Of course, both parties are upset and didn't want this to be how their story ended but also in the long-term, it's better for them both to move on.”

It comes after they committed to each other at the final vow renewals which aired in November.

A few days after the show's final episode they writing in the caption: "Life after MAFS" alongside a series of adorable selfies of their life away from the experiment.

They decided to stay married in the final commitment ceremony on MAFS UK despite a rollercoaster few weeks when they were hit by rumours Jordan had kissed another woman, but it seems they put the drama behind them as Jordan stayed insistent the allegations weren't true.

Jordan and Erica at their final commitment ceremony
Jordan and Erica at their final commitment ceremony. Picture: E4

Up until their split the couple continued to speak positively about their experience on the show after hitting it off straight away at the altar.

Recapping on one of their most difficult days, Jordan wrote: "One of the biggest moments in our journey tonight. This is definitely going to be one of the toughest to watch but we couldn’t have got through this moment without each other."

To which Erica commented on with a love heart emoji and wrote: "We got this."

Both Erica and Jordan also spoke positively about their wedding day, alongside one photo from their big day, showing the new bride and groom very close to one another, Jordan sweetly wrote: “A special moment on a special day.”

Over on her own account, Erica said “We really did have the best day.”

MAFS UK 2023: Jordan and Erica hit it off
MAFS UK 2023: Jordan and Erica hit it off. Picture: E4

What is MAFS Jordan Gayle doing now?

Jordan is making a name for himself as a boxer, fighting other boxing hopefuls in his first match in February.

It's a career which he seems to be taking very seriously. He and Erica also had a joint YouTube account, whether Jordan will keep this part of his life going now they've split remains to be seen.

What is MAFS Erica Roberts doing now?

Outside of posting content from MAFS, Erica has remained good friends with Adrienne Naylor and has been sharing snaps from their nights out.

She's also been pursuing her love of fashion and beauty and sharing content around that and is even signed up to a modelling agency.

The MAFS star also recently went on the 'Girls Know Nothing Podcast' which is hosted by former Love Island star Sharon Gaffka. In the episode she opened up out her mental health and said she felt she and Jordan got a "bad edit" on MAFS.

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