Are MAFS UK's Adrienne Naylor And Nathanial Valentino Together?

26 February 2024, 17:56

MAFS UK stars Adrienne and Nathanial are rumoured to be seeing one another.
MAFS UK stars Adrienne and Nathanial are rumoured to be seeing one another. Picture: Channel 4 /Instagram/@nathanial.valentino

By Tiasha Debray

Both MAFS UK contestants have been hanging out together a lot recently, and posting each other on their socials, so we have to ask the question; Are Adrienne and Nathanial dating?

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No one’s been stirring up more speculation than 2023 Married At First Sight UK stars, Adrienne Naylor and Nathanial Valentino.

The pair seem happy to fan the flames of the rumour mill online as they continuously appear in public together and share photos of each other on their social media.

Nathanial controversially quit the show quite early on after claiming he was hoping to be paired with a man or a woman with more masculine energy, whereas Adrienne and her on-screen husband broke up shortly after the show ended.

Ahead of the second MAFS UK reunion, the question remains, are Adrienne and Nathanial actually dating or are they just friends?

Adrienne and Nathanial continuously appear in public together.
Adrienne and Nathanial continuously appear in public together. Picture: Instagram/nathanial.valentino

Are MAFS UK's Adrienne and Nathanial dating?

Neither Adrienne or Nathanial have confirmed that they are in a relationship but since the final episodes of Married At First Sight UK in November, they've both have had many fans questioning whether they're together and dating.

Adrienne and Nathanial met on MAFS UK but they were not coupled together; the two of them were individually married to different people.

In a messy state of affairs, Nathanial and his on-screen wife Ella Morgan couldn’t make it work before Ella began to have eyes for another husband in the experience, JJ Slater, who she later rejoined the experiment with.

In a bizarrely similar situation, Adrienne was married to Matt Pilmoor on the series and whilst they were strong for a majority of the show, towards the end the pair felt they weren't quite suited for one another. Despite agreeing to continue their relationship outside the show, it didn’t take long for them to break up and Matt began dating Shona Manderson, another bride from their series.

Nathanial and his on-screen wife Ella couldn’t make it work.
Nathanial and his on-screen wife Ella couldn’t make it work. Picture: Channel 4

So both Nathanial and Adrienne know what it’s like to be dumped for another contestant on their series of MAFS, so has that brought them together after the show?

On the 9th of February, Nathanial posted an Instagram picture of himself and Adrienne on his feed with the caption “C H E E R S… One of the best things to come out of 2023” ending the post with a red heart. Adrienne commented on the post with her series of red hearts as well as a “Love you.”

While so far this could also be a friendly interaction, Nathanial then replied to Adrienne’s comment calling her ‘his love’ by writing “my” with a heart emoji next to it.

To us, that’s starting to get a little saucier.

This is just one of the latest posts of the two of them together, the pair have publicly gone on dinner dates, and out of town holidays together and posted about them.

Fans seem split in their support, with some of them loving the pair as a couple, believing they both got the raw end of a bad deal on the show itself.

Whether they're dating or not, people are loving how strong their bond is be it friendship or more.

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