Love Island Fans Think This Is Why Priya Told Faye Who She Voted For

18 August 2021, 11:22

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Here's why fans think Priya Gopaldas was being tactical when she told Faye who she chose in Love Island's compatibility vote.

Love Island has hit boiling point...

This week saw the hit dating show deal with the aftermath of the divisive compatibility vote – and it caused quite the rift in the villa.

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The explosive arguments came after Priya Gopaldas 'snitched' on the contestants voting antics to Faye Winter before she was dumped from the Island.

It's safe to say that Priya's confession set into motion a very dramatic series of events that unfolded on Tuesday's electric instalment of the show – but what was her motive?

Why did Priya spill the tea to Faye?
Why did Priya spill the tea to Faye? Picture: ITV
Priya and Brett were dumped after the compatibility vote
Priya and Brett were dumped after the compatibility vote. Picture: ITV

Priya and Brett Staniland were the latest couple to get the boot after both their fellow islanders and the public vote failed to save them.

Before the medical student, 23, made her exit from the series, she made sure to pull Faye, 26, for a quick chat where she dished on who she chose in the compatibility test.

The Devon beauty, who has grown a reputation as a hothead, was shocked to find out that her best pals in the villa must have voted for her...

Faye was on a mission to find out who placed her and Teddy Soares at risk of being dumped from the show, causing the villa to erupt with drama.

But why did Priya taddle to Faye? Fans have their theories...

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Win £6000 for summer! Picture: Capital FM

The doctor in training confided in the girls last week that she had gotten "the ick" for her then-current partner.

This news got back to the boys who then spilt the tea the Brett – awkward! Priya placed her failed flame in the friend zone just in time for a public vote.

Fans are convinced that she chose chaos before exiting the villa as revenge toward the girls as they leaked her gossip.

Fans took to the Twittersphere to share their theories, with many branding Priya as a "revenge gal" as she encouraged "hurricane Faye".

Will the drama in the villa simmer down after Tuesday's chaotic show?

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