Is Benedict Gay Or Bisexual In Bridgerton? His Season 3 Storyline Explained

15 June 2024, 11:25

Is Benedict Bisexual In Bridgerton? How His Season 3 Storyline Differs From The Books
Is Benedict Bisexual In Bridgerton? How His Season 3 Storyline Differs From The Books. Picture: Netflix
Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

Bridgerton season 3 explores Benedict's sexuality in further depth than ever before. Here's how it differs to the books.

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Bridgerton fans have long wondered if Benedict is gay or bisexual and season 3 has left viewers with even more questions.

Ever since Benedict Bridgerton befriended Sir Henry Granville in season 1, there have been theories that he is queer. While Benedict doesn't have any same-sex sexual relationships in the first two seasons of the show, he does witness two men having sex with each other at one of Granville's private parties and appears to show some interest in it.

In Bridgerton season 3, Benedict meets a brand new character named Paul Suarez leading to more speculation about his sexuality. Is Benedict gay or bisexual though? Here's a break down of what happens in season 3, who Benedict ends up with in the Bridgerton books and what Luke Thompson has said about how his character identifies.

Is Benedict Bridgerton gay?

Behind the scenes of Bridgerton season 3

Does Benedict Bridgerton end up with Paul Suarez?

In Bridgerton season 3, Benedict begins having a no strings attached sexual relationship with Lady Tilley Arnold. As the show progresses, Tilley introduces Benedict to her other lover: Paul Suarez. Benedict and Paul instantly hit it off. During a private chat, sparks fly and Paul and Tilley then invite Benedict to have a threesome with them. Benedict initially says no.

However, later on, Benedict and Tilley have a separate conversation where Tilley asks Benedict if he's ever been interested in men. Benedict then says: "I have known men like Mr. Suarez but I myself have never been tempted before." Tilley then tells him: "A feeling between two people whatever their sex is the most natural thing in the world."

At the end of episode 7, Benedict goes to Tilley and Paul and the three of them share a passionate kiss. Then, in episode 8, they have a threesome. Afterwards, Benedict returns for another threesome with them only to learn Paul isn't there. Tilley reveals that she's falling for Benedict and wants to date him alone.

In response, Benedict says: "Tilley, you're extraordinary but I'm not certain that serious is what I want. What happened between the three of us, what happened since I met you had made me realise how good it feels to be free."

Benedict makes clear that he's not interested in dating Paul either, he simply wants to explore his sexuality.

As it stands, Benedict is queer in practice but he's yet to label his sexuality in any way.

Is Benedict bisexual in the Bridgerton books?
Is Benedict bisexual in the Bridgerton books? Picture: Netflix

Is Benedict bisexual in the Bridgerton books?

In the original Bridgerton books, there's no reference to Benedict being queer. He actually marries a character who is yet to appear in the show called Sophie Beckett. His book also takes place before Colin and Penelope's story.

The Bridgerton's masquerade ball, where Benedict meets Sophie in the books, was mentioned at the end of episode 8 so we're officially getting closer to seeing his story play out on screen. As the show has already made changes to the order of Julia Quinn's books, it's possible that they will gender-flip Sophie or give Benedict even more time to explore his sexuality before Sophie enters the picture.

Discussing Benedict's sexuality with Teen Vogue, Bridgerton showrunner Jess Brownell explained: "Benedict's sexual identity is not a fixed belief for him. In modern terms he might be described as pansexual, someone for whom gender doesn't really matter."

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly about Benedict's sexuality in 2022, Luke said: "Benedict has such a lovely openness and fluidity about him generally, and that’s really, really fun to play because it could go anywhere."

He then added: "People get very excited and they want everything to be explored in the first few seasons and every corner of sexuality, gender. Obviously, there’s a way to go, so we’ll see what happens."

Luke ended by saying: "There’s lots of space for him to explore all sorts of things."

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