Who Is Luke Thompson's Girlfriend?

30 May 2024, 16:13 | Updated: 30 May 2024, 16:20

Is Luke Thompson married?
Is Luke Thompson married? Picture: Getty/Netflix

By Abbie Reynolds

Does Luke Thompson have a girlfriend or wife? Bridgerton's Luke Thompson aka Benedict Bridgerton is in the middle of dating rumours, but who is he dating and is it his co-star Harriet Cains?

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Netflix's Bridgerton is full of so much love and romance it's feels like it would be impossible to keep those emotions strictly on set. That's why so many of the cast find themselves in dating rumours and now Luke Thompson finds himself paired with one of his co-stars.

The 35-year-old actor plays the second eldest brother in the Bridgerton family, Benedict, and although we are yet to have been formally introduced to his onscreen match, it seems we may already know who his offscreen partner is.

That's right, we've met her before in the form of Philippa Featherington. After he was photographed with Harriett Cains, who plays Philippa, fans are convinced they are an item, but is this true? Here's what we know.

Luke Thompson plays Benedict Bridgerton in the regency-era drama
Luke Thompson plays Benedict Bridgerton in the regency-era drama. Picture: Netflix

Does Luke Thompson have a girlfriend or a wife?

Benedict isn't ready to carry on the Bridgerton name just yet but is Luke prepped to continue the Thompson lineage? Well, Luke doesn't have a confirmed girlfriend or wife but he is rumoured to be dating fellow Bridgerton star Harriet Cains.

They were first romantically linked when they were photographed at Vanity Fair’s Rising Stars party in January 2024. In one pic Luke planted a kiss on Harriet's head as they posed with their arms firmly around each other’s waists.

Bridgerton fans also found an early clue pairing them together...

Harriet shared this pic of Luke
Harriet shared this pic of Luke. Picture: Instagram

The clue they found was that a year after the first season came out in 2020, Harriet shared an edited pictured of Luke surrounded by love hearts on her Instagram with the caption: “My favourite Luke soz @lukenewtonuk.”

What has us even more convinced is that after the 2024 Baftas, in February, Harriet picked two pics to share on her IG from the event, and of course one of them is of her and Luke. Yeah they aren't beating the rumours any time soon.

Harriet Cains and Luke Thompson after the Baftas
Harriet Cains and Luke Thompson after the Baftas. Picture: Getty

There are no records online of Luke's previous matches but the internet is buzzing with his possible relationship with Harriet.

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